Campus Housing - Dorms and Meal Plans

Provides on campus housing

Residence hall capacity

Does college offer a meal plan?
Yes, number of meals in the maximum meal plan offered

Must all students live on campus?

Number of meals per week are provided with the meal plan
Residence halls on campus:
Bryant Place, Morrow Hall, Pence Hall, Prichard hall, University Terrace East, University Terrace North, University Terrace West

Sports Programs & Athletics

Athletic conferences
    Football - Mountain East Conference
    Basketball - Mountain East Conference
    Baseball - Mountain East Conference
    Cross Country/Track - Mountain East Conference

Number of Varsity Athletes by Sport in 2024

Sport # of Men # of Women
Baseball 43
Basketball 19 12
Cross Country 9 12
Football 107
Golf 10 13
Gymnastics 27
Soccer 26
Softball 29
Swimming 15 11
Tennis 7 9
Volleyball 19
Wrestling 21
Data from 2021
Athletic Association
Member of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Athletic Classification
NCAA Division II with football



Athletic Summary
Total # athletes


Male Athletes 226
Female Athletes 155


Total sports revenue

Total sports expenses

Avg. head coach salary - Women
(# full-time equivalents)
$38,907 (6.6)

Avg. head coach salary - Men
(# FTE)
$62,463 (5.2)

Campus Services and Programs

Academic/career counseling service
Employment services for students
Placement services for completers
Library facilities
Access to digital/electronic resources
Access to library collections that are shared with other institutions
Established library hours
Organized collection of printed materials
Physical facilities
Staff trained to provide and interpret library materials
Services and Programs for Servicemembers and Veterans
Credit for military training
Dedicated point of contact for support services for veterans, military servicemembers, and their families
Member of Department of Defense Voluntary Educational Partnership Memorandum of Understanding
Recognized student veteran organization
Yellow Ribbon Program (officially known as Post-9/11 GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon Program)
Hospital on campus?


Nearby Restaurants

Food from Chick-fil-A


Miles From Campus: 0.09
Food from McAteer's


Miles From Campus: 0.15
Food from College Lunch

College Lunch

Miles From Campus: 0.38
Food from Sonnys Hotdogs

Sonnys Hotdogs

Miles From Campus: 0.4
Food from Hoops Cafe

Hoops Cafe

Miles From Campus: 0.5
Food from WV Cookie Jar

WV Cookie Jar

Miles From Campus: 0.6
Food from JAG Beer Burger Bowery

JAG Beer Burger Bowery

Miles From Campus: 0.72
Food from Goodfellas Bistro

Goodfellas Bistro

Miles From Campus: 0.76
Food from Grill 250

Grill 250

Miles From Campus: 0.76
Food from Wings Olé

Wings Olé

Miles From Campus: 0.82
Food from Aquarium Lounge

Aquarium Lounge

Miles From Campus: 0.84
Food from Mikey C's Cuisine

Mikey C's Cuisine

Miles From Campus: 0.87
Food from Country Club Bakery

Country Club Bakery

Miles From Campus: 0.88
Food from Say-Boy Steak House Restaurant

Say-Boy Steak House Restaurant

Miles From Campus: 0.9
Food from Ken's Chinese Restaurant

Ken's Chinese Restaurant

Miles From Campus: 0.9
Food from Pufferbelly's Ice Cream Station

Pufferbelly's Ice Cream Station

Miles From Campus: 0.93
Food from Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse

Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse

Miles From Campus: 0.94
Food from Poky Dot

Poky Dot

Miles From Campus: 0.95
Food from Cantoni's Pizza

Cantoni's Pizza

Miles From Campus: 0.96
Food from Yann's Hot Dog Stand

Yann's Hot Dog Stand

Miles From Campus: 1.1
Food from Mama Di Roma

Mama Di Roma

Miles From Campus: 1.11
Food from Colasessano's Pizza

Colasessano's Pizza

Miles From Campus: 1.3
Food from Bellview Bar & Grill

Bellview Bar & Grill

Miles From Campus: 1.81
Food from Woody's Restaurant

Woody's Restaurant

Miles From Campus: 1.94
Food from Hermosilla's Deli Market

Hermosilla's Deli Market

Miles From Campus: 2.11
Food from Dairy Creme Corner

Dairy Creme Corner

Miles From Campus: 2.18
Food from Muriale's Italian Kitchen

Muriale's Italian Kitchen

Miles From Campus: 2.29
Food from The Simmering Pot

The Simmering Pot

Miles From Campus: 2.43
Food from Dj's 50's & 60's Diner

Dj's 50's & 60's Diner

Miles From Campus: 2.52
Food from Steak Escape Fairmont

Steak Escape Fairmont

Miles From Campus: 3.47
Food from El Rey

El Rey

Miles From Campus: 3.9
Food from Colasessano's Pizza

Colasessano's Pizza

Miles From Campus: 4
Food from Wasabi Fusion

Wasabi Fusion

Miles From Campus: 4.02
Food from The Groove Coffee Shop

The Groove Coffee Shop

Miles From Campus: 4.03
Food from Mi Pueblo

Mi Pueblo

Miles From Campus: 4.17
Food from Dutchmans Daughter Restaurant

Dutchmans Daughter Restaurant

Miles From Campus: 4.27
Food from The Cottage Cafe

The Cottage Cafe

Miles From Campus: 4.28
Food from Kumo Japan

Kumo Japan

Miles From Campus: 4.37
Food from Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Miles From Campus: 4.42
Food from Short Story Brewing

Short Story Brewing

Miles From Campus: 4.84
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Nearby Social Spots

Social Spots from West Fork River Rail-Trail

West Fork River Rail-Trail

Miles From Campus: 0.83
Social Spots from McDonald's


Miles From Campus: 0.86
Social Spots from Dunkin'


Miles From Campus: 0.86
Social Spots from Palatine Park

Palatine Park

Miles From Campus: 0.97
Social Spots from FIDOS Backyard

FIDOS Backyard

Miles From Campus: 0.97
Social Spots from Fairmont Bowling Center

Fairmont Bowling Center

Miles From Campus: 1.01
Social Spots from Johnny Friendlys

Johnny Friendlys

Miles From Campus: 1.02
Social Spots from Derby Bar and Grill

Derby Bar and Grill

Miles From Campus: 1.04
Social Spots from Amy's Grill House

Amy's Grill House

Miles From Campus: 1.08
Social Spots from Joe N' Throw

Joe N' Throw

Miles From Campus: 1.1
Social Spots from Joe n Throw Pottery Classes

Joe n Throw Pottery Classes

Miles From Campus: 1.1
Social Spots from Fairmont Fitness

Fairmont Fitness

Miles From Campus: 1.29
Social Spots from Nautilus Connection

Nautilus Connection

Miles From Campus: 1.32
Social Spots from Arcade-O-Mania


Miles From Campus: 1.51
Social Spots from Wave Tek Pool

Wave Tek Pool

Miles From Campus: 1.9
Social Spots from Mary Lou Retton Park

Mary Lou Retton Park

Miles From Campus: 1.92
Social Spots from Franks Hideout

Franks Hideout

Miles From Campus: 2.23
Social Spots from McDonald's


Miles From Campus: 2.27
Social Spots from Mountain Creative

Mountain Creative

Miles From Campus: 2.47
Social Spots from Coal Country Miniature Golf

Coal Country Miniature Golf

Miles From Campus: 2.87
Social Spots from Carter’s Cafe

Carter’s Cafe

Miles From Campus: 3.26
Social Spots from Applebee's Grill + Bar

Applebee's Grill + Bar

Miles From Campus: 3.73
Social Spots from Next Level Fitness

Next Level Fitness

Miles From Campus: 3.98
Social Spots from ATR Performance

ATR Performance

Miles From Campus: 4.06
Social Spots from McDonald's


Miles From Campus: 4.28
Social Spots from White Hall Spirits

White Hall Spirits

Miles From Campus: 4.31
Social Spots from Sunnyvale Bar and Grill

Sunnyvale Bar and Grill

Miles From Campus: 4.31
Social Spots from Prickett's Fort State Park

Prickett's Fort State Park

Miles From Campus: 4.35
Social Spots from Tygart Valley Cinema

Tygart Valley Cinema

Miles From Campus: 4.45
Social Spots from Mon Valley Vineyards

Mon Valley Vineyards

Miles From Campus: 4.65
Social Spots from WVU Outdoor Education Center

WVU Outdoor Education Center

Miles From Campus: 24.66
Social Spots from Valley Pool & Spa- Uniontown

Valley Pool & Spa- Uniontown

Miles From Campus: 36.98
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