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How Often You Should Connect with Your Student Loan Lender

For the most part, after you accept a student loan, you won’t have to connect with the lender very often. However, there are a few times that contacting them will be absolutely necessary. Here are a few examples of times you should connect with your student loan lenders. To Change Contact Information Changing or updating …
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How Does Divorce Affect Financial Aid Applications?

Filing out financial aid applications, more specifically the FASFA (Free Application for Student Financial Aid), can be daunting already for many students. However, with those who have divorced parents, it’s important to understand how that may affect your application and awarded financial aid. Who is Your Custodial Parent? The parent who completes the financial aid …
There are benefits to taking ACT or SAT practice tests online.

Pros and Cons of Taking ACT or SAT Practice Tests Online

There are a lot of methods students use to study and prepare for their ACT or SAT test date: mobile apps, practice exams at school, tutoring, textbooks, and more. A number of test-takers also use practice tests online, but there are pros and cons to this tactic. Pro: Paperless  There’s no denying that having practice …
Check out these mobile apps to help you prep for the ACT or SAT.

ACT / SAT Test Prep Mobile Apps!

When you’re studying for the SAT or the ACT, any edge can be a huge help for your efforts. With all the books you’re cracking open, you may have not realized that some assistance is available right on your phone or tablet. Here are some ACT and SAT mobile apps that are great for preparing …
Here are some ways to engage in your college online before you get to campus
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How to Engage with Your Chosen College Online

If you’ve accepted your college for the upcoming fall (congratulations!), there are plenty of ways to engage before you arrive on campus. Here are just a few ways to take part in your new school before classes begin. Sign Up For Orientation to Engage Many colleges make signing up for freshman orientation or student events mandatory. …
You were accepted into college, but you haven't visited yet.
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What If You’re Accepted Into a College You Haven’t Visited?

Applying for colleges is a stressful and busy time; you may not have been able to visit them all before you sent in those applications. However, your acceptance letters have come in, and you’ve been accepted into a college you didn’t have time to visit. What now? If it’s a school you’re seriously considering, here …
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What is a TEACH Grant?

While you’re filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA), you may have seen the TEACH Grant name tossed around a bit. What exactly is it? And more importantly, do you qualify? What is it? The TEACH Grant, which stands for The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education, is for students …