Scholarships for Animal Lovers

Whether you want to work towards the welfare of amphibians or reptiles, pet cats or horses, you will find plenty of scholarship opportunities that offer financial aid for college-going animal lovers like you.

Check out these interesting scholarships for animal lovers and apply to those that you qualify for.

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A Voice for Animals Essay Contest Scholarships

Amount: $200—$500

Deadline: May 31, 2020

Do you participate in any project or activity that works towards any one of these goals—preservation of a species on the brink of extinction, easing animal suffering, or the mistreatment of any animal species?

The Humane Education Network has partnered with the Animal Welfare Institute and the Palo Alto Humane Society to offer a total of $5,900 annually in award money to deserving high school students.

All applicants must submit a 1,500-word essay highlighting the activities they have participated in and their related goals.

A Voice for Cats Essay Scholarship Contest

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: December 31, 2020

This opportunity offers $1,000 for cat lovers. All About Cats, a cat community that educates people on how to improve the lives of pets and wild felines, funds this award.

To win this ongoing award, you will have to submit a compelling essay on your thoughts and suggestions on ways to promote the humane treatment of cats.

Arizona National Livestock Show Scholarship Program

Amount: $1,500

Deadline: March 15

Have you participated in any horse show or livestock show organized by the Arizona National Livestock Show? If you have, you should consider applying for this $1,500 scholarship.

Other requirements include enrollment in a full-time agriculture-related program in an accredited US university with a minimum 2.5 GPA. All applicants’ academic performances, career plans, and extra-curricular activities will also be taking into consideration when evaluating submissions.

Jacksonville Herpetological Society Scholarship

Amount: $250

Deadline: Varies

The Jacksonville Herpetological Society Scholarship offers $250 annually to students who can demonstrate that their commitment towards the conservation of amphibians and reptiles.

To qualify for this award you must be a member or related to a member of the Jacksonville Herpetological Society. You must also be able to show continued participation in various herpetology-related activities, including at least 30 volunteer hours in the field. You must also have a 3.0 GPA minimum and be enrolled in a herpetology program at an accredited university in the US. As part of your application, you will be required to submit a 500-word essay on a topic related to herpetology.

John D. Spurling OBE Scholarship

Amount: $2,000

Deadline: June 15, 2020

The John D. Spurling OBE Scholarship is funded by the AKC Humane Fund. The aim of this award is to provide financial aid to students pursuing programs related to pet ownership. This includes students studying animal care, grooming and behavior, veterinary medicine, animal physical therapy, and veterinary technology.

Preference is given to students who can demonstrate their dedication to pet care through volunteer work. A strong academic record and outstanding recommendation letters will help boost your chances of winning this scholarship.

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