State Grants for Kentucky Students

Kentucky has several college grants available to its students, many of which are funded by the state’s lottery. Keep reading to find some information about available scholarships, grants, and financial aid programs in the state, as well as links to find further details about these awards and others.

Kentucky College Grants

1. Kentucky Educational Excellence Award (KEES)

KEES is for students who earn a minimum of a 2.5 GPA during every year at high school, but bonus awards can also be granted for ACT/SAT scores, Advanced Placement (AP) classes, and more. The higher the score, grade, or GPA, the higher the award. A 4.0 GPA can receive $500  to be put towards every year if the student is attending a participating college.

2. College Access Program Grant

The College Access Program Grant is another award in Kentucky that can help make school more affordable for its students. Eligible students can receive up to $2,900 for a four-year institution and $2,200 for two-year schools. Requirements include:

  • Have demonstrated financial need
  • Be attending a participating and eligible college
  • Be enrolled at least part-time in school
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible (awards are on a first come first serve basis)

No origination fees or prepayment penalties

Fixed rates from 3.95% - 8.01% APR with auto-debit

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3. Kentucky Tuition Grant

The Kentucky Tuition Grant is designed to help students in need of financial aid attend private colleges and universities. The award amount can change every year, but for the 2023-24 school year, students can be awarded $3,200.

Both two-year and four-year institutions participate, and it is up to them if the student is awarded the grant or not. A FAFSA is required as soon as possible to be eligible for this award.

4. Early Childhood Development Scholarship

For students interested in pursuing an education in early childhood development, there is the Early Childhood Development Scholarship available at any education level from associates to doctorate. Winners can receive up to $6,430 per semester.

To be eligible, students have to

  • Be attending a participating institution
  • Meet academic criteria set by the school
  • Be working at least 20 hours a week at a participating facility OR work as a preschool associate teacher
  • Participate in a service commitment

5. Teacher Scholarship

There are also awards for future teachers in Kentucky. Receiving up to $2,500 per semester, those interested in this scholarship will have to commit to at least one semester of teaching service for every semester the individual received the award. Both future teachers and current teachers looking to further their education can apply. 

The Teacher Scholarship requires applicants to

  • Have demonstrated financial need
  • Meet academic criteria set by the school
  • Complete their FAFSA
  • Repay the award if they choose not to pursue education in school or fail to meet the service commitment.

6. And More

Other awards available to Kentucky students and residents include

  • Veterinary Contract Spaces Program
  • Optometry Scholarship Program
  • Dual Credit Scholarship Program
  • Work Ready Kentucky Dual Credit Scholarship
  • Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program

Where Can You Find More Information About Kentucky State Grants?

The best place to learn more about Kentucky state grants is by heading over to the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority website. In addition to these awards, students and their parents can also find additional information about planning for college in the state, financial aid, career resources, and money management. 

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