7 Scholarships for Students in Connecticut

The great state of Connecticut, sandwiched between New England fishing communities and the bustling metropolis of the greater New York Area, has long held the nickname of the “Constitution State.” While on the surface, the nickname may refer to the importance of Connecticut’s vote at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, there may be a subconscious meaning as well.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, incidentally founded by Connecticut native Noah Webster, defines “constitution” as, among other things, “the physical makeup of the individual especially with respect to the health, strength, and appearance.” Connecticut is made up of several different communities, coming together to form one strong state, a state with the highest per-capita income in the country as of the most recent census. In such a strong, competitive state, students must seek any edge they can when applying to institutions of higher learning.

Here are a few options Connecticut students have when going off to college:

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Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists Foundation College Scholarship

Deadline: April 1, 2020

Amount: Varies

For those interested in dovetailing current events and journalism into one application, look no further. Available to Connecticut resident high school juniors or seniors who aim to enter the field of journalism, the SPJ Scholarship asks applicants to write a 500-word essay on a current event.

The prompt asks students to consider why the event interests them in particular and how it is presented in the media. In return, the SPJ doles out five scholarships every year, with a top prize of $2,500.  

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BBB Student Ethics Scholarship

Deadline: August 1

Amount: $2,500

The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, is well aware of the stigma that comes with working in big business, with many believing greed or unethical practices permeate the industry. The non-profit bureau’s mission statement is to “foster honest and responsive relationships between businesses and consumers — instilling consumer confidence and advancing a trustworthy marketplace for all.”

Tying directly into their mission, the Connecticut chapter of the BBB offers an award to Connecticut high school juniors who demonstrate outstanding ethics and integrity through their academic success, as well as community service and dedication to helping others. The money goes toward their tuition. 

AGCCT Scholarship

Deadline: TBD for 2021

Amount: $2,500

For those who desire to enter the highly competitive fields of construction or civil engineering, the Associated General Contractors of Connecticut provide this grant to students in Connecticut who show interest in technology and civil service, two large ingredients in the cocktail of the industry of construction. Unlike more conventional scholarships, this grant is applied for two years rather than four—$2,500 for each year.

To be eligible, students must be graduating Connecticut high school seniors intent on entering a two-year technical school and, upon completion, a four-year accredited school. Students must pursue a B.S. in either construction or civil engineering and meet certain academic requirements to retain the scholarship.

Connecticut Building Congress Scholarship

Deadline: TBD for 2021

Amount: $2,000

Another scholarship focused expanding interest in construction and civil engineering, the CBC scholarship goes to a Connecticut graduating high school senior who plans on studying architecture, construction engineering, surveying, urban planning, or another subset of the construction field.

According to the guidelines, the scholarship awards students based on four qualities: academic merit, extracurricular activities, financial need, and the rather broad category of “potential”. The grant is not automatically renewable, as CBC students are reviewed each year based on their academic performance.

NTA Connecticut Undergraduate Scholarship

Deadline: TBD

Amount: $1,000

Connecticut’s burgeoning tourism industry, which focuses mainly on its quaint seaside villages and beautiful fall foliage, is opening up many jobs each year for hospitality in the state.

To encourage students to pursue hospitality in the state, TourismCares, a Massachusetts-based organization focusing on expanding interest in the hospitality industry, offers a scholarship to permanent Connecticut residents and current college students who are the ground floor of the tourism industry.

The scholarship offers an initial payment of $1,000 to help tuition at a four-year school and requires at least a 3.0 GPA.

New England Regional Student Program

Deadline: Varying

Amount: Varying

The governors of the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island came together to create a solid foundation for students.

Today, the New England Regional Student Program, or the Tuition Break, helps students afford a higher education in the New England area. To qualify, students must be a New England resident enrolled in a college NOT in their home state. The program wants to help students go out of their comfort zone, while not breaking the bank.

Milton Fisher Scholarship for Innovation and Creativity

Deadline: May 1, 2020

Amount: Up to $5,000

The state of Connecticut is a mishmash of different job opportunities and careers. From the towering insurance capital of Hartford to the bustling journalistic community of Stamford to the naval engineering of the seaport in Mystic, the state has no specific industry but rather combines many into a patchwork community.

Milton Fisher, an attorney who resided in Connecticut for over forty years, took pride in the melting pot industry of his state. Fisher taught a class entitled “Applied Creativity” for many years, which encouraged adults to apply their imaginative skills towards an interesting business. Mr. Fisher passed away in 2001, but his creative legacy continues to this day through the Fisher Scholarship for Innovation and Creativity.

Unlike 99% of scholarships, the Fisher Scholarship has almost nothing to do with academic skill, rather, it rewards creativity and imagination in problem-solving. To be eligible, students must reside in either Connecticut or the New York metropolitan area and submit a cohesive application consisting of several essays. Fisher Scholars are given up to $5,000 towards tuition at their chosen school, renewable for four years.


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