How Parents Can Help Their Student in the Scholarship Search Process

When it comes to finances, students often turn first to their parents for help. The scholarship search is another place parents can aid their students. We don’t mean doing the search or applications for their students, of course. However, there are many other ways they can assist.

Utilizing the Parental Network

Nothing really beats knowledge and experience. Parents have a lot of people in their network—old classmates, friends, co-workers, bosses, neighbors, and maybe fellow members of clubs or organizations as well. Each of those contacts knows somebody else, which means your sphere of influence can actually extend much farther.

Use that network for the benefit of your child. Ask around to see if anyone is linked to a scholarship, or if they’ve heard of any good opportunities that would relate to your student.

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Check-In Support System

Even the most disciplined high school student could use a check-in from time to time. This doesn’t mean you should hover over the shoulder of your student throughout the whole process, but popping in to get an idea of their progress, to remind them of the importance of scholarships, or offer encouragement isn’t a bad idea.


Having a second pair of eyes is always beneficial. Parents are ideal candidates for proofreading their students’ essays or applications—you can root out errors, point out areas that aren’t clear, make suggestions, and even help brainstorm topics.

There are ways to be involved with the process without running the show yourself. Letting your student lead the charge is a great way to start transitioning them towards independence, while still being nearby to lend a helping hand.

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