What’s a FSA ID and Why is it Important for Financial Aid?

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There are enough acronyms used in financial aid to make your head spin. While filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) you may come across the term FSA ID. But what exactly is that?


It stands for Federal Student Aid Identification. This handy little ID is comprised of a username and password that allows you access to certain Department of Education websites. The FSA ID also acts as a sort of electronic signature when it comes to singing any online federal forms in regards to your federal financial aid.

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What Else Does the FSA ID Do?

In addition to using an FSA ID to sign the FAFSA, students can also use it to sign a Master Promissory Note for federal student loans. The FSA ID can also be used for certain federal programs, like the TEACH Grant.

Important Things to Note About FSA IDs

The FSA ID is unique to the person who creates it and is legally binding. Parents will not have the same FSA ID as their student, everyone gets an individual FSA ID. You can sign up for a FSA ID right here at fsaid.ed.gov.