7 Christmas Break Jobs for Students

While you may not think you have enough time for a job over your Winter or Christmas break (it’s often just a few weeks after all!), you might be pleasantly surprised! There are quite a few positions you could tackle in a short time period while you’re home visiting family for the holidays. We put together 7 Christmas break jobs that work perfectly for students!

7 Christmas Break Jobs for Students

1. IT Work for Family

Plenty of students have part-time jobs while in college.

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How many calls do you get a week from your parents or distant relatives asking for help with the computer, internet, phones, or other technology? This is a great opportunity to garner some extra cash during the holidays – you just have to be okay with asking for money from relatives. After all, for many students, if you tackled all of the technical assistance they needed over your Christmas break for free, you’d have little time for anything else!

Of course, you want to approach this tactfully. Explain that you need some extra cash or come up with an hourly rate that you deem fair. It will not be an option for every student – especially if you’re not tech-savvy yourself – but for many, this can be a great route for some money. Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t tackle any jobs you’re not confident you can complete. IT can be tricky. Know what you do and assign experts to the rest.

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2. Retail

Retail companies start hiring for the holidays in October, but some will still be looking for employees come to the end of December and through January! Many customers are last-minute shopping, and there are always returns to think about after the holidays. Consider local stores, supermarkets, and the like – it’s very likely they still need assistance. Retail jobs can range from cashier to stocker.

3. Gift Wrapper

Did you know that many people hate wrapping their own gifts? Or want to make their presents look beautiful with neat lines, bows, and ribbons? Malls often have stations set up to help these shoppers that wrap their gifts for them! You may just be able to snag a week or two of work at one of these places.

You can also ask your family members who hate wrapping gifts for a bit of cash to handle the task for them.

4. Pet Sitter

Pet sitting is another great job opportunity for college students during Christmas break. With families and individuals going away to visit their own loved ones, they often need someone to look over their pets. While some may board their cats and dogs, others prefer to have a pet sitter come to their home while they’re away.

You may have a friend or family member who already needs this service and is willing to pay, but there are websites, like Rover, that will help you partner with pet parents, too.

5. Driver

From Lyft to DoorDash, there are plenty of opportunities during the winter holidays (and the entire year) if you have a car and you’re up for some driving! It’s easy to apply and get started. Obviously, some parts of the country will be better suited for this type of work. Rural students may not have as many opportunities for food delivery or ride-sharing, for example.

6. Tutor

If you excel in your coursework, you can always sign up to be a tutor! You could aid fellow college students who are preparing for their next classes, or you might want to help a local high school student who is struggling in a particular subject.

In addition to local tutoring opportunities, there are plenty of websites online that can connect you with students who are in need and get paid for it.

7. Personal Shopper

Similar to food delivery, there are other opportunities for students interested in becoming personal shoppers. Personal shoppers will work through companies like Instacart and be given a grocery list of items to pick up. They’ll do the shopping and deliver the goods to the customer’s door! If you already know the layout of your local stores, too, this can be a fantastic way to earn a bit of cash during the Christmas holidays.

These are just seven jobs that can be done during the holidays. Depending on your skills and past job experience, you may have a few more opportunities open to you. And keep in mind, these awesome Christmas break jobs for students – many of these can be done while you’re in school! Driving, personal shopping, pet sitting, and tutoring, for instance, allow you to set your schedule, meaning you only work when you’re available. They’re perfect for year-round jobs!

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