6 Things You Can Do With A Business Degree

Here are six things you can do with a business degree

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Congratulations! After a lot of consideration, you’ve decided to go to college as a business major. When you get your degree, here are some questions you’re probably thinking about:

  • Can you actually start your own business?
  • Is consultation a viable route?
  • How does research play into business?
  • Is administration work fine?
  • Should you take the next step and get an MBA?
  • What if none of these sound good?

You’ll be taking classes in everything from behavioral science to accounting and after four or five years, you’ll be entering the workforce as a kick-butt business aficionado. But, here comes the age old question: what exactly can you do with your business degree? Here are a few options.

1. Start your own business

Throughout business school you’ll have the opportunity to “run” multiple businesses during simulations in your classes. Through individual and group work, you will create a thriving business and compete against your classmates, just like businesses complete in the real world.

Although group projects can be a drag, they teach you all of the valuable skills that you will need to open your own business after graduation. Whether you open a pizza shop, or what will one day be a multi-million dollar company, a degree in business will get you there.

2. Become a consultant

If you enjoy helping people to reach their full potential and goals, consider a job in consulting. This can mean anything from helping individuals with financial advising, or helping businesses determine their brand and mission. Even if you’re only passionate about one specific topic, you can still be a consultant. Who knows, one day you may even be the go-to expert in that topic.

3. Get a job in research

There is a ton of research done behind the scenes in every sector of the business world. From marketing to product testing, researchers help gather the data required to make smart, well thought out decisions. Research positions are perfect for data-minded students.

4. Become an administrator

A business degree is the first step to becoming an administrator in any company. Whether you are working in human resources, on your way to becoming the CEO, or starting off in the mail room. Having a business degree will prepare you for anything that the business world throws at you.

5. Get your MBA

One of the most popular graduate degrees is the Masters of Business Administration, or MBA. Why do so many people get their MBA? There are an endless number of reasons. Having an MBA will open countless doors to you, and you don’t want to miss out on those opportunities. It just might take you from the mail room, to the board room.

6. Pretty much ANYTHING

The amazing thing about studying for a bachelors degree is that you learn the skills to be successful in almost any field. I once spoke with a hiring manager who admitted that as long as an applicant had a degree, any degree, they were more likely to be hired than someone without one. That doesn’t lessen your business degree, but it does mean that having a business degree already puts you a step up above others.

So, if after 4-5 years of business school, you decide that you want to become a writer, or a design museum exhibits, you won’t have wasted your time or money. The world is your oyster.


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