How COVID-19 Affects Grades in High School and College

COVID-19 is affecting everyone’s lives, and one area where it’s causing some chaos is grading for colleges and high schools. Wondering how COVID-19 affects grades? The schools themselves are wondering the exact same thing. There are a few things to know when it comes to your grades and graduation.

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Schools Are Opting for Different Solutions

Each school and college is approaching grading in light of the COVID-19 pandemic differently. Some of the current solutions include:

  • A pass or fail system.
  • A credit or no credit system.
  • No grades will be given during the pandemic.
  • Grades will be given, but they cannot be lower than the student’s grade whenever the school closed.
  • Standards-based grading which is focus on concepts rather than a letter grade.
  • Students can opt-out of classes and continue later.
  • Volunteer work or project in exchange for a grade.

Students may be frustrated by these, especially if they’re curious about their exact grade. In response, some schools are allowing students to see their letter grade if they ask for it.


Some Students Will Still Be Harmed

Even with a number of solutions on the table, there will still be students who are harmed by the current options. Not everyone finds online learning ideal or helpful.

School districts and colleges are trying to work with students in these situations in an effort to not hurt their academic career. If you’re in this situation, talk with a guidance counselor or academic department as soon as possible.

The Impact on Graduation, Career, and the College Search

Some students are concerned about how the lack of grades will affect their life after graduation, especially when it comes to a career or college search. Many colleges have agreed to accept transcripts that come with pass/fail solutions. In some areas, it won’t have an impact on your overall GPA.

For students graduating college, many are worried that the absence of letter grades could impact their career, especially in competitive fields. These students are asking their college to release letter grades even if another system is being used, and some colleges are allowing students to find out their grade if they wish to.

How COVID-19 Affects Grades

Colleges and school districts are taking different approaches to the coronavirus outbreak on just about every level. It’s important to keep up to date with your school to see the latest news and strategies they’re using to ensure you’re education is taken care of.

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