Searching for the Right College During Quarantine

Has your search for your future college been stopped short by the coronavirus? You’re definitely not alone, but there are resources available to you online to help you make your decision. There’s still plenty you can get accomplished during quarantine.

Here are some different aspects of the college search to keep in mind in regards to COVID-19.

Magnifying glass over college building.

Visiting the Colleges

Around this time, students would either be visiting a college to see if it’s on their list of potentials or to help make their decision by May 1st (now changed to June 1st for a number of schools). However, due to the coronavirus, this is no longer possible as, in almost all cases, colleges and universities across the country have closed their campuses and are not offering in-person tours.

The internet is a blessing during quarantine, isn’t it? High school students can use online resources to check out their potential schools. Many colleges are offering online tours on their website, but it’s also recommended that you look at other videos and pictures elsewhere on the internet. YouTube is a great place to start. This is because, as with guided tours when visiting the campus, colleges only show you what they want you to see. Videos from other sources than the school can give you a fuller picture. Also make sure you take a look at the surrounding town or city as well.

College Interviews

If your college application process required an interview, this will also have to be done online or over the phone. Some colleges may have waived this requirement entirely or made it optional. Be sure to check in with your school to see where they’re standing or to schedule your interview.

You may also have wanted to talk to professors, faculty, or other staff during your visit or in person. Instead, consider other options like video conferencing, email, or phone calls if the contact is available for those. If you’re not sure, contact the college to see how they’re handling this.

Attending Fairs

All spring national college fairs have been canceled like other events. Some schools and companies though are offering virtual college fairs to students. These are, so far, few and far between, so be sure to search for virtual college fairs in the weeks to come to see if any are available.

The Rest of Your Search

Whether you’re just starting out your search or you’re trying to narrow down your choices before June 1st, luckily much research can be done online. You can use tools like College Raptor’s free personalized college match feature, read reviews for colleges, contact schools, weigh pros and cons, check out social media profiles, and more.

The situation will continue to change, so we advise students to keep an eye on what their potential schools are doing and the virtual options available to incoming freshman. Once you choose a college, many schools are also offering virtual orientations. The best things to do is keep in contact with your potential colleges and ask questions.

While things are up in the air, there’s still plenty you can do during quarantine to keep moving forward.

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