How AP Scores Affect Your College Applications

AP classes are rigorous and challenging. As such, they’re great boosters for a college application. But how exactly do AP scores affect your college applications? What are the pros and cons?

Let’s break it down together.

Three students in an AP class

How AP Scores Can Influence Your College Applications

An AP class on your transcript tells the college that you’re serious about that specific subject. It also tells them that you’ve had stronger academic training in that subject.

A high AP score of 4–5 demonstrates that you have more advanced knowledge in that subject than most other applicants. Your keen interest and advanced knowledge in your particular field make you a more competitive applicant. This increases your odds of getting accepted.

A low AP score on the other hand can slightly lower your chances of getting accepted. If you’ve scored badly on the AP test, you can choose not to report your AP scores on your application.

Keep in mind, AP scores are not weighted the same as standard core classes. For example, a B in an AP class isn’t the exactly equivalent of a B in a regular class. Colleges do take into account the additional rigor of an AP class.

Is It Worth Taking AP Classes In High School?

AP courses can be challenging. They require you to study at a level that’s higher than high school level. Moreover, they are not a mandatory requirement for college admission. If you won’t be able to manage AP classes along with your high school coursework, it may not be for you. You could instead focus on earning higher grades.

However, if you can manage both, you should definitely consider taking AP classes. Including your AP scores in your application will boost your chances of getting accepted. Some colleges will also give you credits for that class. This will help you graduate earlier, saving you thousands of dollars in college tuition.

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