Can You Apply for Early Action/Early Decision for Multiple Schools?

Did you know you can apply to college early? There are two main methods: Early Action and Early Decision. You may be wondering if you can apply early action or early decision for multiple schools. First, it helps to understand the differences between the two before you send off these applications.

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What is Early Decision?

Early decision deadlines are usually in November. If you apply ED, our application is binding. This means, if you are accepted to the college, you are required to attend the school in the fall. If you are put on a waitlist, you will be released from this binding agreement.

Can You Apply to Multiple Schools Using Early Decision?

No. Since Early Decision is binding, you cannot, in good conscience, apply to more than one school using this method for college applications. If you do and are caught, it could result in both schools withdrawing their offers of acceptance.

You can, however, apply to other colleges using Early Action. You are also free to apply to any schools if you are wait-listed or rejected. If you’re accepted to your Early Decision school, you have to withdraw your applications to all other schools you applied to.

When Should You Apply Under Early Decision?

Students should only apply ED if they are 100% positive that they want to attend this college. If you’re on the fence, Early Action or regular decision may be a better option for you.

What is Early Action?

Early Action is a way to let the college know you’re very interested in attending. You can apply sooner than regular decision, meaning you hear back from the school sooner. This can help you get applications out of the way easily, decide if you need to apply to more colleges under regular decision, and potentially choose which college to attend quickly.

Can You Apply To Multiple Schools Using Early Action?

Yes! One benefit of Early Action is the ability to apply to multiple schools. You are not bound to any agreement when you apply.

When Should You Apply Under Early Action?

It’s generally a good idea to use Early Action if you’re fairly sure which school or schools you want to attend the following fall. It’s also great for comparing financial aid packages or getting the application process out of the way. You will generally hear back about acceptance in December or January.

If you’re applying to a college under Early Decision, you shouldn’t apply to any other schools unless you hear back that you were wait-listed or not accepted. This is a good option though if you’re positive that this is your dream school and the only college you really want to attend. If you’re not quite sure if a college or university is a good choice for you and want to apply to a few different schools, Early Action or regular decision is a great route available to you.

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