App Done? Consider Sending it in Now!

App done? Send it in early!

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Are you ahead of the game and already have your college app completed? The due date may still be a few weeks away, but you might just want to hand it in early.

Consider Early Action or Early Decision

If you’re pretty sure on what college you want to attend, you may want to submit your already finished application to early action or early decision. However, remember that early decision applications are binding. If you submit it under ED, you will have to attend that school if you are accepted.

Early action or early response will allow you to know if you’re accepted to the college sooner rather than later, without binding you to the school the following fall. Choosing this option may even give you a competitive advantage.

You avoid last minute disasters

Whenever you try to do something last minute, things always seem to come up, don’t they? The website goes down, your files are corrupted, or you simply just can’t find your application paperwork. Submitting your college applications now gives you the chance to avoid any of these problems.

If you do run into these issues, you’ll have ample time to correct them without turning your application in late or missing critical information. You never want to wait until last minute. A technical glitch could ruin your chances of attending your dream school.

You’ll have your app off your mind

Submitting your applications now (which we recommend as a must do) can help you take weights off your mind. There’s no doubt that completing college applications can be stressful and waiting until the due date could have it there in the back of your mind for months. Turning them in now can give you a break from that stress.

You’ll have more time now to focus on your senior year, extracurricular activities, and work, instead of constantly thinking and even worrying about your college application.

Get ahead of the game

The time period you submit your application can actually have an effect on when you attend orientation (click here for our orientation checklist), which is often when you choose your first semester courses, housing, financial aid, and more. Being first in line can help you get the best time for your classes and the more desired dorms or financial aid packages.

This is especially the case when you’re applying to a rolling admissions college. These schools review the applications as they are submitted. By all means, you should submit your application as soon as you can to have the best opportunities available.

Submitting your application earlier than the due date can give you a much needed edge when it comes to your freshman year as well as a bit of a relief once you hit that submit button. It will be one less thing to remember in the coming months and now you’ll just have to keep an eye out for the letter! However, before you submit your completed application, carefully review that you have all the information they request. Never send it in early unless you have all the required materials needed.

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