The Benefits of Choosing to Attend a Safety School

If you applied to safety, match, and reach schools, you most likely received an acceptance letter from your safeties. Even if you received acceptance letters from other colleges, you might actually want to consider attending your safety school. Here are the benefits of choosing to attend a safety school. 

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You’ll Most Likely Be Ahead of the Other Students

Usually a safety school is applied to because the student believe they are a shoo-in for a spot. They will be above the average of what the college is looking for, so they will almost always receive that acceptance letter.

Being above average in a school does have its benefits. For example, you might have an easier time making an impression on your professors. This can set you up for top recommendations or opportunities when you graduate. You can also most likely attend honors groups and/or make it onto the Dean’s List–both of which look great on a resume.

It May Cost Less to Attend

Many safety schools tend to be public in-state or community colleges–which typically have a lower overall cost of attendance. You may even earn institutional scholarships, further bringing the price down. And if your safety school happens to be close to home, you could skip on dorms or campus apartments and save money by living at home. 

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There May Be Less Stress

If you chose a safety school, attending may come with less stress. Although college courses are difficult no matter which school you attend (and you will have to study) you might find these classes slightly easier. Your safety school is probably also less competitive and you may discover that campus has an overall more relaxed atmosphere compared to other colleges.

You Applied to it for a Reason

Although you chose this safety school because you were likely to get in, it doesn’t mean it was the only reason you applied. You may have selected it because it was close to home, it was less expensive, you liked the programs, or another benefit. These reasons could be a factor in your final decision.

It’s important to remember: you can always try to attend another school, too. If your letters didn’t include your top choice, your safety school can be quite a comfortable place for you. You might even find, after a semester or two, that the safety school was the best choice for you.

The Benefits of Choosing a Safety School

Just because it was your “safety” when you applied, it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. It’s important, even if you receive a number of acceptance letters, to explore all of your options. Weigh the pros and cons of each college on your list. Many students actually find their safety school ranks higher on their priority list at this point.

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