Social Media Mistakes High School Students Make

Teens are not strangers to social media. Although the generation has grown up with the technology, mistakes are still made on the platforms. These errors could cost you scholarships, college options, or even jobs down the line. Here are three social media mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

College admissions looking at social media mistakes

Creating Unprofessional Profile Names

A common mistake that many students (or even adults) don’t think about is an unprofessional profile name. Twitter is particularly common for this one. You don’t want a handle that uses profane or violent content. It may be funny to your friends, but it can have serious consequences for your future.

This is also true of Reddit. Although the social media site has a degree of anonymity, if you post or comment often or leave your account logged in on a public computer, people may figure out who you are, and it does happen regularly.

Posting Illegal Activities

When it comes to creating posts, keep these two common phrases in mind—“Don’t post anything that would disappoint your grandma” and “Nothing is ever really deleted from the internet.”

Photos depicting underage drinking, smoking, and other illegal activities can greatly harm your future. Colleges can and will review your social media profiles and can rescind their acceptance offers if they find any offensive or illegal material. This isn’t an empty threat, either. In 2017, Harvard rescinded the admissions of 10 students who shared incredibly racist memes on Facebook.


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A major mistake that some are guilty of on the internet is bullying. Doxxing—posting identifying information of a person online—is particularly harmful and could result in someone getting seriously hurt. Doxxing can also lead to arrests and going to court.

Don’t bully anyone, that includes strangers on the internet. Being kind only helps your chances of getting into colleges, but it also helps to make you a better person.

Social Media Mistakes

It’s a good idea for students and adults to regularly audit their social media channels. Now is the perfect opportunity to go through each of your profiles and delete any questionable materials. Even just one mistake online could cost you money and opportunities. Foresight can absolutely make the difference for your future.

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