7 Basic ACT / SAT Calculator Tips

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Use these ACT/SAT calculator tips as a checklist to boost your math score in these tests.

Make sure the calculator you are carrying with you into the test room is approved. You could get your calculator confiscated or your test scores cancelled if you use an unapproved calculator when answering the math section.

Fully Charged

Check that your calculator is fully charged the day before the test. If it uses batteries, put in fresh batteries the day before the test.

Know When You Can Use It

Calculators are only allowed on the math portion of the test. Keep it away when answering the other sections that do not allow you to use the calculator.


Familiarize yourself with all of the features and functionalities of your calculator. These are quite different from most other types of calculators. If you are not familiar with the various functionalities, you will never be able to use it on the test day.

Graphing Feature

Know how to use the graphing functionality of your calculator. This can save you tons of time when answering questions on graphs, or systems of equations.

It’s a Tool, not a Crutch

Think of your calculator as a tool that will save you precious time by helping you solve some math questions faster. Do not think of or use your calculator as a tool to answer all math questions.

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