Want To Be A Businessperson? Consider These Undergrad College Majors

undergraduate college

Flickr user Penn State

If your career goal is to become a businessperson, there are quite a few majors that will help you attain the necessary knowledge and skills to help you succeed in any setting or industry you choose.

Business Management And Administration

Business management and administration will teach you the skills you will need to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a business idea, steer a business through a difficult situation and determine the best way to boost productivity and increase profits.


Finance teaches you to use their skills to plan investments and create budgets, both of which are crucial to the success of any business.


Marketing will help you gain the skills necessary to create and implement marketing plans that maximize the profit of your products or services. Marketing focuses on equipping students with skills in pricing, advertising, and promoting products and services.


A major in accounting will help you master the language of money and make sense of numbers. In addition to bookkeeping, you will also learn how to report a business’s financial activities for legal and tax purposes.


Contrary to popular notion, a major in sales is quite different from a major in marketing. A sales program focuses on topics such as entrepreneurship, business economics, and selling skills.

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