The 5 Easiest and Hardest Majors in College

Picking a college major is a huge decision that all college and high school students are constantly pressured to think about. There are so many undergraduate majors to choose from but a question we often get is what are the hardest and easiest majors for college students to choose?

While we don’t suggest picking a major on the level of difficulty, it’s still nice to get a feel of what you are getting into. College Raptor has put together a list of the hardest and easiest majors in college based on the experience of our multi-majored team! Check them out below. 

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Hardest Majors in College 

1. Chemistry

It’s no surprise that chemistry is one of the hardest majors in college. There are a ton of majors related to chemistry like analytical chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and chemical engineering that all fit. But what makes chemistry majors so hard? With the periodic table of elements, knowing the makeup of a chemical, and a lot of math, chemistry is difficult for a lot of college students. 

2. Engineering

Like chemistry, engineering is an umbrella for a variety of other majors. There is electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and more! Within these engineering majors, the course load is quite a lot and students will spend time doing math and applying it to their work. The application of math and calculations is what makes this particular major so difficult for a lot of college students. 

3. Physics

Everything we see in the world is physics! From the way cars stop and go to a lemon falling from a tree, physics students are basically math majors with constant application. The average physics student will use equations and calculations to solve difficult problems. There are also a lot of units of measurement to memorize when studying physics like how electricity and energy are measured! With a lot of math and variables involved, a physics major is on our top list for difficulty. 

4. Architecture

Every building has been designed by an architect or a team of architects. Architecture majors not only design the layouts and overall style of a building or home, but you’re also considering the safety behind each frame and concrete slab. It’s a difficult major that requires a lot of calculations, creativity, and critical thinking skills which is why it’s on our list for one of the hardest majors in college. Architecture students have a variety of advanced courses in their major studies. 

5. Computer Science

Technology has taken the world by storm and so has majoring in computer science! As you can imagine, learning the language of a computer can be very difficult, especially if you’re unfamiliar with it. There are different coding languages to learn and you must have strong problem-solving skills which is why computer science is one of e hardest majors in college to choose. 

Easiest Majors in College 

1. Business Administration

Business administration is considered one of the easier majors to choose as a college student. You learn a lot in your business classes about how to do important administrative work. The practical skills you learn are highly transferable and don’t require much in-depth math like the harder majors. 

2. Psychology

Learning about the human mind is very interesting. In fact, psychology is among one of the more popular majors! With this major, you’ll focus on deep thinking and scientific and social aspects of the human mind. There is still a lot of work and studying you have to put in to make good grades, but overall psychology classes are straight to the point. 

3. English

English is one of the easiest majors to choose from because we’ve been studying it our whole educational career! Courses for English majors involve a lot of reading, writing, and analysis so the pattern of learning is not new for college students. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have difficult courses throughout your undergraduate studies though.

4. Education

Teachers are the backbone of our society—so we’re always happy when someone chooses to major in education. An education major is considered one of the easiest majors to choose. Just like every college major, there are difficult concepts to learn, but education majors often have higher GPAs than those in the harder majors list. If becoming a teacher is one of your career goals, education courses are the right choice for you. 

5. Communications

As a communications major, you learn a lot of strategies and skills that will help in jobs related to your major. Whether you go into marketing or work for a PR firm, your studies didn’t have to include difficult math and science courses. But just because you don’t take STEM subjects (besides the general education courses) as a communications major, doesn’t mean you won’t learn something valuable. 

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing a Major

When choosing your major, don’t rely solely on the level of difficulty, although it’s important to consider. Keep in mind that just because some of these majors are easier than others doesn’t mean they’re not valuable, so don’t choose one based solely on the level of difficulty. To get your dream job, you’ll want to make sure you’re in the right major so you can learn as much as you can before entering the professional world. Here are some other factors to consider:

  • Chosen Career: Choose a major that aligns with the career you want to pursue after you graduate. If you want to be an accountant but you have a chemical engineering degree, getting your dream job may be more difficult. 
  • Higher Education: If you want to get a master’s or doctorate degree in a certain subject, what major do you need to choose for your undergraduate years to achieve that? If you took science courses at an undergraduate level, can you go to medical school?
  • Your Strengths: Think about what you’re naturally good at whether it be communicating with people or solving mathematic equations. This can make challenging college majors less difficult for you, especially when learning new course material.
  • Your Interests: If you love laboratory courses, STEM majors might be up your alley! If you like early childhood education, an education major may be best for you. Think about what you like when choosing the right college major. If you can’t choose, you can always pick up a second major if you have the bandwidth. 

What is the hardest major in college for you may not be the hardest major in college for your peers! Don’t forget you can always switch your major if you feel as if the one you chose first doesn’t seem like a good fit. Spend time studying and doing your work and we’re sure you’ll do great in college.

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