5 Things You Need for Your Internship

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Are you attending an internship this year? It’s a great experience that can help with both resume and skill building—especially if it relates to what you’re majoring in. You’ll need a few things to make sure it’s a success! It’s always better to come prepared.

Check out these five items that are available on Amazon to get started.

Padfolio by Jancosta

Jancosta padfolioMany internships require research projects. To ensure you’re taking adequate notes and keeping track of any paperwork you print out, a Padfolio can be a perfect addition to your bag. This one from Jancosta is black, contains refillable note pads, and has pockets and slots for your pens, documents, cards, and more. It’s perfect if you have to travel to class or work before heading to an internship.

Laptop Carrying Case by AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics laptop bagDoes your internship require you to bring a laptop? You don’t want to carry it in any old bag! A Laptop Carrying Case, like this one from AmazonBasics, is a must. Designed specifically for computers, it carries laptops up to 15.6 inches and has room for chargers, mouse, cell phone, pens, notebooks, and more. They also have larger sizes, if need be. This one also has a padded shoulder strap making it comfortable to carry.

Fruit Bar Snacks by That’s It

That's It fruit barsEveryone knows tackling an internship while you have classes is stressful and a very busy time in life. You might find you’re rushing around and not have time to grab a bite to eat. Fruit Bar Snacks can be the perfect addition to your bag for those hectic days. By That’s it, these bars are available in apple and blueberries, apple and strawberries, apple and cherries, or apple and mango.

Durable Insulated Lunch Tote By UPPER ORDER

UPPER ORDER lunch toteIf you need to squeeze lunch between classes and your internship, or you have an internship that lasts 9 to 5, you’ll need a lunch! This Durable Insulated Lunch Tote from UPPER ORDER can be just what you need to carry your midday meal. Available in gray, blue, or black, it has enough for a full lunch as well as a drink. The tote measures 11” by 10” by 3.6”. Since it’s insulated, it’ll keep cool things cool and hot things hot. An ideal and professional-looking bag for an office setting.

Reusable Smart Notebook by Rocketbook

Rocketbook notebookNeed to take quick notes during research and want them backed up to the internet? You will definitely want to check out this Reusable Smart Notebook by Rocketbook. It contains 36 reusable pages that can be wiped clean. When you’re done writing, you can send your notes to the cloud. Whether you prefer Dropbox, Google Drive, or something else, you can send those notes there so they’re backed up and saved, even if you don’t have your laptop on you.

Internships can be stressful. To be properly prepared, make sure you have all the note taking tools you’ll need, snacks to get you through the day, and a healthy lunch prepared! These five items from Amazon are a great way to be completely ready for your upcoming internship.

Good luck!

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