8 Sins You Can Make While Choosing Your Internship

A successful internship can be one of the first steps toward a successful career. Also, it can a time-waster if chosen poorly.

Anyone who started to look for an internship, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll help you succeed in your search.

In this article, we are going to review eight common mistakes students make when choosing an internship program.  Tips to avoid them are also included to make sure you’re on the right track.

Focusing on getting one internship

If you have been interested in working with a particular company, it’s highly likely that you will direct most of your effort to getting into the internship program they offer. You might even discontinue the search other options because this is the dream internship. Perhaps, you’ll spend all time trying to prepare as best as possible for the interview at that company.

While working in a company you’re interested in certainly sounds great, you should not stop the search. What if you fail the interview? What if they choose someone else? Then you’ll miss all other opportunities.

Not diversifying the search

Are you looking for internships online? There are many other ways, including searching through classified ads, attending career fairs, visiting local Chamber of Commerce, and others. By going with only one strategy, you might be limiting your possibilities.

Not selecting an internship you truly want

Many people focus on being grateful that they were accepted that they don’t consider being eligible to make demands when they work for free (makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?). This isn’t to say that you should act like a king or a queen of everything but just make sure that the program you applied to offers you a job you really want.

If deep inside you feel like the internship will not satisfy your demands, then don’t apply. Make your demands and consider applying only to those programs that can make you jump out of your bed in the morning.

Looking for internship in your area

Many students prefer to apply for internships in their hometown or county. This makes sense because it would easier to commute. On the other hand, completing an internship abroad can be a better career booster because it helps to stand out in a crowd. If you think it’s too expensive for you, there are always ways to split the accommodation with others and sublet your own apartment.

Choose challenge over convenience and you’ll be rewarded nicely.

Losing momentum after being rejected

To get a dream internship, you need patience and time. Don’t think that you’ll be accepted by every company you’ve sent a resume to. There will be no replies and rejections, and it’s very easy to become upset and give up.

Be prepared to this scenario and organize your effort. Losing momentum might be very discouraging, so try your best to avoid it by acknowledging possible rejections.

Being afraid to choose big companies

The best and the largest companies in the industry are highly demanding. They need employees and interns to perform a lot of duties every day, so the experience is very rewarding in terms of new skills and abilities.

According to Barbara W. Handy, HR Manager at Awriter, some students are afraid to apply for internships at industry leaders because of complex tasks. By preferring to go with easier programs, they lose the opportunity to strengthen their personal brands and therefore better chances to get a great employment in the future.

Not having some time for relaxation

Of course, looking for an internship is a daunting task. Rejections and lack of replies can be really disappointing, so you have to learn how to deal with them. To continue the search and be positive, spend at least a few hours having fun with your friends and family. Go to a restaurant, a ball game, or a party. They will keep you refreshed and ready to continue the search.

Not asking around for an advice

Your friends, relatives, professors, classmates, and other people can be a great source of knowledge. Ask them to share their internship experiences and mistakes, and be ready to learn!


An internship can be a truly enriching experience if you take the search seriously. Consider the tips in this article and try to avoid making the mistakes.

The last thing that you need to remember that planning is a key to securing a great internship. Begin to plan your search months before actually starting to send out applications.

Good luck with the search!

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