Campus Housing - Dorms and Meal Plans

Provides on campus housing

Residence hall capacity

Does college offer a meal plan?
Yes, number of meals per week can vary

Must all students live on campus?

Residence halls on campus:
Cold Springs, College Ave, East Houses, Hess Apartments, Lesher Hall, McClay Avenue, Mifflin, Mifflin Street, Mission House, Moore Street, Nathan Hall, Pink Palace, Sherwood Hall, Shuster Hall, South Hall, Sunderland Hall, Terrace Hall, th Street, The Cloister, Tussey Hall, Washington Street

Sports Programs & Athletics

Athletic conferences
    Football - Centennial Conference
    Basketball - Landmark Conference
    Baseball - Landmark Conference
    Cross Country/Track - Landmark Conference

Number of Varsity Athletes by Sport in 2023

Sport # of Men # of Women
Baseball 42
Basketball 20 11
Field Hockey 19
Golf 8 7
Lacrosse 24
Soccer 25 32
Softball 17
Swimming 2 14
Tennis 10 9
Track and Field, Outdoor 9 6
Volleyball 21 17
Data from 2020
Athletic Association
Member of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Athletic Classification
NCAA Division III with football



Athletic Summary
Total # athletes


Male Athletes 222
Female Athletes 153


Total sports revenue

Total sports expenses

Avg. head coach salary - Women
(# full-time equivalents)
$46,544 (7.5)

Avg. head coach salary - Men
(# FTE)
$54,887 (6.0)

Campus Services and Programs

Academic/career counseling service
Employment services for students
Placement services for completers
Library facilities
Access to digital/electronic resources
Access to library collections that are shared with other institutions
Established library hours
Organized collection of printed materials
Physical facilities
Staff trained to provide and interpret library materials
Services and Programs for Servicemembers and Veterans
Member of Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges
Yellow Ribbon Program (officially known as Post-9/11 GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon Program)
Hospital on campus?


% of students with registered disabilities

Nearby Restaurants

Food from Weis Markets

Weis Markets

Miles From Campus: 0.3
Food from Sheetz


Miles From Campus: 0.4
Food from Standing Stone Coffee Company

Standing Stone Coffee Company

Miles From Campus: 0.49
Food from Memories Sports Bar

Memories Sports Bar

Miles From Campus: 0.5
Food from Juniata Brewing Company

Juniata Brewing Company

Miles From Campus: 0.68
Food from Burd's Budding Bakery

Burd's Budding Bakery

Miles From Campus: 0.73
Food from Muddy Run Tavern

Muddy Run Tavern

Miles From Campus: 0.83
Food from Moxmoe Pictures Famous Sandwiches

Moxmoe Pictures Famous Sandwiches

Miles From Campus: 0.96
Food from Original Italian Pizza

Original Italian Pizza

Miles From Campus: 1.01
Food from All American Pizza and Subs

All American Pizza and Subs

Miles From Campus: 1.01
Food from Huntingdon Farmers Market

Huntingdon Farmers Market

Miles From Campus: 1.01
Food from Stone Town Gallery

Stone Town Gallery

Miles From Campus: 1.05
Food from Brenneman's Meat Market

Brenneman's Meat Market

Miles From Campus: 1.05
Food from Wildflower Cafe

Wildflower Cafe

Miles From Campus: 1.06
Food from Kelly's Korner

Kelly's Korner

Miles From Campus: 1.1
Food from Boxer's Cafe

Boxer's Cafe

Miles From Campus: 1.16
Food from Reklaimed Vines

Reklaimed Vines

Miles From Campus: 1.2
Food from Donna's Family Restaurant

Donna's Family Restaurant

Miles From Campus: 1.2
Food from Hoss's Steak & Sea House

Hoss's Steak & Sea House

Miles From Campus: 1.2
Food from Three Twelve Kitchen and Cocktails

Three Twelve Kitchen and Cocktails

Miles From Campus: 1.21
Food from Best Way Pizza

Best Way Pizza

Miles From Campus: 1.33
Food from Great Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Great Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Miles From Campus: 1.33
Food from Wendy's


Miles From Campus: 1.33
Food from Rebelz Mobile Cuisine

Rebelz Mobile Cuisine

Miles From Campus: 1.39
Food from Original Italian Pizza Rt 22

Original Italian Pizza Rt 22

Miles From Campus: 1.4
Food from Burger King

Burger King

Miles From Campus: 1.43
Food from Arby's


Miles From Campus: 1.47
Food from Sheetz


Miles From Campus: 1.49
Food from Woody's Bar-B-Q

Woody's Bar-B-Q

Miles From Campus: 1.51
Food from Giant


Miles From Campus: 1.54
Food from Jumbo China Buffet

Jumbo China Buffet

Miles From Campus: 1.55
Food from Huntingdon Elks Lodge 976

Huntingdon Elks Lodge 976

Miles From Campus: 1.72
Food from The Garden Harvest

The Garden Harvest

Miles From Campus: 2.46
Food from Mactown Pizza Plus

Mactown Pizza Plus

Miles From Campus: 3.88
Food from Nick's


Miles From Campus: 4.9
Food from Riverbilly's Grill

Riverbilly's Grill

Miles From Campus: 5.29
Food from The Village Tavern

The Village Tavern

Miles From Campus: 5.53
Food from Speck's Deli & Gourmet Pizza

Speck's Deli & Gourmet Pizza

Miles From Campus: 5.57
Food from Bluegills Bar And Grill

Bluegills Bar And Grill

Miles From Campus: 5.73
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Nearby Social Spots

Social Spots from Juniata College Museum of Art

Juniata College Museum of Art

Miles From Campus: 0.11
Social Spots from Johnny's Bar

Johnny's Bar

Miles From Campus: 0.48
Social Spots from Raystown Lake & Dam

Raystown Lake & Dam

Miles From Campus: 0.82
Social Spots from Huntingdon Cinema Clifton 5

Huntingdon Cinema Clifton 5

Miles From Campus: 0.94
Social Spots from Jackson's Place

Jackson's Place

Miles From Campus: 0.97
Social Spots from Goju Ryu Karate Do

Goju Ryu Karate Do

Miles From Campus: 1
Social Spots from Friendly Tavern

Friendly Tavern

Miles From Campus: 1.13
Social Spots from Rothrock Outfitters

Rothrock Outfitters

Miles From Campus: 1.15
Social Spots from McDonald's


Miles From Campus: 1.4
Social Spots from Raystown Beverage

Raystown Beverage

Miles From Campus: 1.57
Social Spots from Isett Heritage Museum

Isett Heritage Museum

Miles From Campus: 2.27
Social Spots from Standing Stone Golf Club

Standing Stone Golf Club

Miles From Campus: 3.1
Social Spots from Holiday Bowl

Holiday Bowl

Miles From Campus: 5.12
Social Spots from Swigart Museum

Swigart Museum

Miles From Campus: 5.39
Social Spots from Lower Trail

Lower Trail

Miles From Campus: 5.8
Social Spots from Capvara the Clown

Capvara the Clown

Miles From Campus: 21.41
Social Spots from Serenity Wellness Centre

Serenity Wellness Centre

Miles From Campus: 22.37
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