Campus Housing - Dorms and Meal Plans

Provides on campus housing

Residence hall capacity

Does college offer a meal plan?
Yes, number of meals per week can vary

Must all students live on campus?

Residence halls on campus:
Commons, Gordon Village, Melton Hall

Sports Programs & Athletics

Number of Varsity Athletes by Sport in 2024

Sport # of Men # of Women
Baseball 47
Basketball 13
Soccer 17
Softball 22
Data from 2021
Athletic Association
Member of National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA)

Athletic Classification
NJCAA Division I



Athletic Summary
Total # athletes


Male Athletes 60
Female Athletes 39


Total sports revenue

Total sports expenses

Avg. head coach salary - Women
(# full-time equivalents)
$28,800 (0.5)

Avg. head coach salary - Men
(# FTE)
$16,000 (0.8)

Campus Services and Programs

Academic/career counseling service
Employment services for students
Placement services for completers
Library facilities
Access to digital/electronic resources
Access to library collections that are shared with other institutions
Established library hours
Organized collection of printed materials
Physical facilities
Staff trained to provide and interpret library materials
Services and Programs for Servicemembers and Veterans
Credit for military training
Dedicated point of contact for support services for veterans, military servicemembers, and their families
Member of Department of Defense Voluntary Educational Partnership Memorandum of Understanding
Recognized student veteran organization
Hospital on campus?


Nearby Restaurants

Food from D's Tastee Treats

D's Tastee Treats

Miles From Campus: 0.39
Food from Fat Mommas Kitchen

Fat Mommas Kitchen

Miles From Campus: 0.39
Food from H J Wings & Things

H J Wings & Things

Miles From Campus: 0.41
Food from Dollar General

Dollar General

Miles From Campus: 0.43
Food from Donut Palace

Donut Palace

Miles From Campus: 0.45
Food from The Horseshoe BBQ & Brew

The Horseshoe BBQ & Brew

Miles From Campus: 0.46
Food from American Pie Pizzeria

American Pie Pizzeria

Miles From Campus: 0.47
Food from Hardee's


Miles From Campus: 0.49
Food from Chick N Run

Chick N Run

Miles From Campus: 0.49
Food from Subway


Miles From Campus: 0.5
Food from Barnesville Farmers Market

Barnesville Farmers Market

Miles From Campus: 0.53
Food from Mangia on Main

Mangia on Main

Miles From Campus: 0.58
Food from Great Wall Chinese Restaurant

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant

Miles From Campus: 0.58
Food from Jelly Jar Grill And Buffet

Jelly Jar Grill And Buffet

Miles From Campus: 0.58
Food from Pastime Grill

Pastime Grill

Miles From Campus: 0.59
Food from Big-Chic


Miles From Campus: 0.6
Food from El Rosal

El Rosal

Miles From Campus: 0.61
Food from Mamas Kitchen

Mamas Kitchen

Miles From Campus: 0.67
Food from McCoy's Seafood

McCoy's Seafood

Miles From Campus: 0.69
Food from Hometown Atlanta Wings

Hometown Atlanta Wings

Miles From Campus: 0.7
Food from Georgia South Barbecue

Georgia South Barbecue

Miles From Campus: 0.7
Food from Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

Miles From Campus: 0.71
Food from Circle K

Circle K

Miles From Campus: 0.74
Food from August Moon Tea Room

August Moon Tea Room

Miles From Campus: 0.79
Food from Pam's Garden Patch

Pam's Garden Patch

Miles From Campus: 0.83
Food from Jack's


Miles From Campus: 0.84
Food from Waffle House

Waffle House

Miles From Campus: 0.88
Food from Wendy's


Miles From Campus: 0.95
Food from Para Garnden

Para Garnden

Miles From Campus: 1.16
Food from El Durango

El Durango

Miles From Campus: 1.54
Food from El Aurora

El Aurora

Miles From Campus: 2.09
Food from The Country Kitchen

The Country Kitchen

Miles From Campus: 2.86
Food from Honeywood Farms

Honeywood Farms

Miles From Campus: 3.1
Food from Sweet Basil Farms

Sweet Basil Farms

Miles From Campus: 4.08
Food from Chris N Grill

Chris N Grill

Miles From Campus: 5.44
Food from Milner Place Cafe

Milner Place Cafe

Miles From Campus: 5.5
Food from Buckalew's on Main

Buckalew's on Main

Miles From Campus: 5.57
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Nearby Social Spots

Social Spots from No Room to Escape Bus

No Room to Escape Bus

Miles From Campus: 0.39
Social Spots from McDonald's


Miles From Campus: 0.64
Social Spots from Lamar Arts

Lamar Arts

Miles From Campus: 0.65
Social Spots from The Rock Ranch

The Rock Ranch

Miles From Campus: 7.09
Social Spots from Hay House

Hay House

Miles From Campus: 33.36
Social Spots from Sweetwater Pools

Sweetwater Pools

Miles From Campus: 54.76
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