All students at Olin College focus on the five available majors: Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Engineering, General, Mechanical Engineering, with concentrations in a number of subjects. The first few years at the college focuses heavily on math and science while also taking part in projects that have real world effects. Many student teams will be hired by outside groups including nonprofits and corporations. Students can also work on self-designed projects in art, social sciences, entrepreneurship, and humanities. All subjects integrate engineering into the course work.

At the end of the year, students are given the opportunity to give feedback on the courses as well as their workload as Olin is committed to reviewing the curriculum to best serve education. The college also follows the Honor Code, with non-proctored exams, and allowing test takers to use outside sources as long as they’re cited.

Top Majors and Programs - Most Popular Degrees in 2018 (1st majors)

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My Majors Major # Students # Female % Female # Male % Male
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 31 12 39% 19 61%
Engineering, General 24 13 54% 11 46%
Mechanical Engineering 23 11 48% 12 52%
Degree data from 2015-2016
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