As a liberal arts college, Pomona looks for students who have a strong academic ability but also show a love for arts and their community. When reviewing applications, the committee looks for the type of courses taken, challenging curriculum, academic record, achievements, personal character, and love of learning. They also ask that students have a taste for adventure and a creative personality.

Applicants should have taken these courses during high school: four years of English, four years of natural science including two labs, three years of foreign language, two or three years of social sciences, and four years of math (calculus will be required for some majors). AP and community college courses are also recommended. SAT scores should be in the 1,390 - 1,540 range and ACT in the 32 - 35 range.

For early decision applicants who are sure Pomona College is their school of choice should apply by November 1st and expect to be notified of the school’s decision by December 1st. These students have until January 1st to apply. For students who are unsure if they will be attending Pomona but would still like to apply should aim for the January 1st due date. These applicants will hear back by April 1st and are expected to make their intent known by May 1st.

All applications must be done through either the Coalition Application, the Common Application, or the QuestBridge Application. ACT/SAT scores, Completion of college-preparatory program, Recommendations, and a Secondary school record is required for all applicants as is a $70 fee. none is also recommended but not needed. Every year, 10,400 students apply for Pomona College with 800 being selected for acceptance, which is an acceptance rate of 7. This results in about 420 freshman enrolling for the Fall semester (or 54%).

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Student ACT Scores

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First-Year Admission Statistics

Application, Acceptance, Enrollment Statistics from the 2019 Admissions Cycle
Male 4,067
Female 6,334


Male 382
Female 388


Enrollment Total
Male 188
Female 228

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    Completion of college-preparatory program
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