Top Hotel/Motel Administration/Management Bachelors degree Programs - 2023

Hotel/Motel Administration/Management programs prepare individuals to manage operations and facilities that provide lodging services to the traveling public. Includes instruction in hospitality industry principles; supplies purchasing, storage and control; hotel facilities design and planning; hospitality industry law; personnel management and labor relations; financial management; marketing and sales promotion; convention and event management; front desk operations; and applications to specific types of hotels and motel operations.

For all the 1,879 degrees awarded in Hotel/Motel Administration/Management annually, the majority of them are Bachelors degree. Out of the 1,243 students graduating with degrees at the Bachelors degree level in the US, 67% percent identify as women and 33% percent identify as men. Though students at schools all over the US study Hotel/Motel Administration/Management, New York has the most graduates. The average annual income for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Hotel/Motel Administration/Management is $40,600.

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Top Colleges for Hotel/Motel Administration/Management

If you’re interested in Hotel/Motel Administration/Management, then you should look at these top colleges, including Cornell University, the University of Puerto Rico-Carolina and the University of Houston. Cornell University is our best ranked institution for a degree in Hotel/Motel Administration/Management with 229 students graduating with this major annually at the Bachelors degree level. Learn more about college options in the table below.

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Careers for Hotel/Motel Administration/Management Majors

For Hotel/Motel Administration/Management majors, some of the most in demand careers include Food Service Managers, Lodging Managers . Additionally, Hotel/Motel Administration/Management graduates may land a high salary job, such as Food Service Managers or Lodging Managers.

Top Paying Careers for Hotel/Motel Administration/Management

  1. Food Service Managers   (Median Wage: $59,440)
  2. Lodging Managers   (Median Wage: $59,430)

Most in Demand Careers for Hotel/Motel Administration/Management

  1. Food Service Managers
  2. Lodging Managers
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