Top Lay Ministry Associates degree Programs - 2023

Lay Ministry programs prepare non-ordained individuals to serve as lay pastors, religious educators, youth leaders, and other professional positions open to the laity in local churches and other settings. Includes instruction in bible studies, theology, spirituality, pastoral counseling, foundations of ministry, effective communication, and church leadership.

For all the 493 degrees granted in Lay Ministry per year, the majority of them are Masters degree. Of the 76 students graduating with degrees at the Associates degree level in the US, 32% percent identify as women and 68% percent identify as men. While students at schools all over the US study Lay Ministry, Michigan has the most graduates. The average annual income for an undergraduate degree in Lay Ministry is $32,900.

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Top Colleges for Lay Ministry

If you’re thinking about majoring in Lay Ministry, then you should consider these top colleges, including Grace Christian University, Calvin University and North Central University. Grace Christian University is our top ranked institution for a degree in Lay Ministry with 37 students graduating with this major annually at the Associates degree level. Learn more about college options in the table below.

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Careers for Lay Ministry Majors

For Lay Ministry majors, some of the most in demand jobs include Directors, Religious Activities and Education, Religious Workers, All Other . Not only that, Lay Ministry graduates may find a top paying job, such as Directors, Religious Activities and Education or Religious Workers, All Other.

Top Paying Careers for Lay Ministry

  1. Directors, Religious Activities and Education   (Median Wage: $46,980)
  2. Religious Workers, All Other   (Median Wage: $37,500)
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