Top Holocaust and Related Studies Bachelors degree Programs - 2023

A program that focuses on genocide in human history with particular reference to Twentieth Century genocides such as that of the Ottoman Armenians during World War I and the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. Programs also focus on topics such as survivor studies and counseling, war crimes research and prevention, reconciliation and compensation, ethical and spiritual issues, holocaust art and literature, and legacy and effect in relation to subsequent generations.

While Holocaust and Related Studies offers degrees up to the Postbaccalaureate certificate, the majority of students study towards a Postbaccalaureate certificate. Students study Holocaust and Related Studies all over the country, though the major at the Bachelors degree level sees the most graduates in New Hampshire. The average annual income for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Holocaust and Related Studies is $47,533.

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How popular is a Bachelors degree in Holocaust and Related Studies in NH

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Bachelors degree in Holocaust and Related Studies makes up 0.40% of all Bachelors degree awarded in New Hampshire

Top Colleges for Holocaust and Related Studies

If you’re interested in studying Holocaust and Related Studies, then you should think about attending Keene State College! This institution grants approximately 6 degrees at the Bachelors degree level in Holocaust and Related Studies every year.

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