Private vs Federal Student Loans: Which You Should Pick First

Student considering private vs federal student loansWhen it comes to student loans, there are two main types: federal and private. Federal loans, as the name implies, comes from the federal government. Private loans are funded by lending companies like Sallie Mae or Credible. So private vs federal student loans: which should you go for first? The answer is always federal loans.

So, why choose federal students loan first?

Lower interest rates & flexible repayments

Federal student loans tend to come with much lower interest rates and several flexible repayment options. You may also be eligible for forgiveness of part of your loan if you meet certain requirements.

Private student loans, on the other hand. can be more expensive and inflexible. Forgiveness options are rarer and usually more stringent. Besides, the interest rate is pegged to your creditworthiness. If you do not have good credit history, you will have to pay a much higher rate on the money you borrow.

Easier to qualify for

Qualifying for a federal student loan is straightforward. You have to be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States and enrolled or accepted at least half time in a recognized school in the country. Your credit history does not matter for approval, neither do you need a cosigner to get a federal student loan. The easiest way to get started is by filing the FAFSA!

With private student loans, your credit history pays a huge role in whether or not you get approved and the rate of interest that you are offered.

When to go for private loans

The only drawback with federal student loans is that the amount you can borrow may be limited by a few factors such as your family’s total income. With private student loans, there are fewer limits. So if you’ve exhausted all of your financial aid and federal loan options, turning to a private loan is the next step.

Just be sure to shop around and compare your options. We can help with that! With College Raptor’s free Student Loan Finder, you can compare lenders and interest rates side by side.

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