Scholarships For Students Pursuing STEM Fields

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Technology drives business today, and the demand for technically skilled professionals has never been greater. Students pursuing degrees in sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) get plenty of support from businesses and trade organizations. Here are four STEM scholarship options that can help you earn your degree and launch an exciting career.

Intertech Foundation STEM Scholarship

Amount: $2,500

Who Is Eligible: One recipient, with a cumulative high school or college GPA of 3.3 or better.

Application Deadline: March 15, 2018

The Intertech Foundation STEM Scholarship is available for students with an intent to study computer science. Intertech, headquartered in Minnesota, is a growing software development consulting and training firm.

Straight North STEM Scholarship

Amount: $1,000 and $250

Who Is Eligible: One $1,000 and two $250 recipients, for undergraduate or graduate students majoring in a STEM field.

Application Deadline: August 1, 2018

Straight North, headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Downers Grove, is one of the largest privately owned Internet marketing agencies in the U.S. Its partners have a longstanding commitment to supporting education in technology disciplines.

SWE Scholarships

Amount: Ranges from $1,000 to $15,000, with some being renewable.

Who Is Eligible: Women admitted to accredited baccalaureate or graduate programs preparing for a career in a STEM field.

Application Deadline: Sophomores through graduate students, December 1, 2017-February 15, 2018; Freshman, March 1-May 1, 2018.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) disbursed 233 scholarships valued at more than $715,000 in 2017. With a network of 38,000 women, SWE is a leader in supporting STEM education and careers.

NSHSS STEM Scholarships

Amount: $1,000

Who Is Eligible: High school seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.0 pursuing a STEM or closely related degree.

Application Deadline: April 1, 2018

The National Society of High School Scholars Foundation (NSHSS) awards STEM scholarships to students from underrepresented groups to help them overcome financial barriers to a career in technology.

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