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Photography is popular among graduating high school students, and also college students. There are many scholarships available to talented individuals studying photography or photojournalism in college. Photography scholarships like these can reduce the stress of paying for future education, and can also advance a student’s presence in the arts community.

The James Alan Cox Foundation for Student Photojournalists

This award awards a $2,500 scholarship. The money can go towards tuition or funding a camera.

The organization founded the scholarship in honor of an important late television photojournalist. This award provides substantial financial aid to high school and college students who exhibit true dedication to the pursuit of a life of journalism and photographic arts. The scholarship also gives special consideration to applicants who can produce relevant photo journals of breaking news, and photos that “tell a story.”

All high school and college photojournalism students are eligible. This award is given based on goals, but also on financial need.

Anchell Photo Workshops Scholarship for Documentary Photography

The scholarship awards $1,000 to community college students who show good academic standing at their school. The organization asks for an essay regarding students’ future plans in the photography industry. This award targets specifically bright and new student photographers who have an interest in journalling pertinent information regarding important social and environmental issues. Projects are also not limited to people subjects.

Any important contemporary issue captured on film is eligible for this award. The scholarship asks for qualified community college, university, and trade school applicants. All applications must be centered on how the photographic arts can be used to increase public engagement with social issues. 

Kodak Professional Photography Scholarship

The organization awards $1,000 to photography students who have completed at least one year of accredited coursework, and also have at least one year of college left. Deadlines for applications to these awards vary throughout the year. The scholarship gives special consideration to Western Kentucky University students who also maintain a GPA of 3.0 and above. 

The Rocco Basile Giving Scholarship

The scholarship awards $1,000 annually to one photo arts student based on their material and a specific essay question. Essay questions include the power of photography in modern world events and politics, and also how photography defines the photographer. The organization wants at least a 300 word essay, as well as an interesting look into an applicant’s individual portfolio. They encourage all eligible high school seniors interested in photographic documentary creation to apply.

MCA Failure Fair Scholarship:

$40,000 distributed over 4 years.

This award wants to create influence regarding the concept of artistic ventures and failures in the modern world. The Museum of Contempory Art Denver established this award to enlighten the public about subjects related to artistic risk-taking and success. Colorado high school candidates must be able to submit a personal project that demonstrates what it takes to make a widespread impression through artistic means. Additionally, this project can involve all artistic mediums. 

Urban Art Scholarship

An arts students committed to community involvement created this $350 scholarship. Trevor Coopersmith, an aesthetically-driven individual, found ways to benefit local communities with his art. High school and collegiate photography enthusiasts are required to submit an essay.

The Weston Scholarship

 Kim and Gena Weston established this $1,000 award. These California professional photography artists created a frenzy over their methods of capturing modern life in black and white pictures. Students entering the competition must create a 10-frame mounted portfolio of powerful social-political pictures. This portfolio must also communicate a specific interest in certain social matters. 

Want to find more photography scholarships? In that case, look online and through scholarship databases. Otherwise, talk to your high school counselor or college’s financial aid office. There’s also no such thing as applying for too many scholarships, as long as you meet all the requirements.

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