Scholarships for Students with Divorced Parents

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Divorce is a sensitive topic for many and, understandably, a lot of high school students do not want to discuss this family situation with others. However, there are scholarships and awards out there for students who do have divorced parents to make your college-bound life a little bit easier. Here are just a few examples.

Ayo and Iken Children of Divorce Scholarship

If you live in Florida and live with a single parent due to a divorce or permanent separation, you may want to apply for the Ayo and Iken Children of Divorce Scholarship. Awarding $1,000, the scholarship is open to high school seniors who are planning on furthering their education past graduation. Submissions are accepted after April 1st 2018 but due a month later by May 1st. Applying students are asked to write a 2,000 word essay on how their parents show their love, even though they may not all live under the same roof.

Sponsored by the Law Firm of Ayo and Iken, you can learn more about this particular scholarship (and see past winners) on their website.

Kinsey Determination Scholarship for the College of Business

For students attending the University of Toledo and planning to pursue a degree in business, the Kinsey Determination Scholarship may be one to add to the list. The award is designed for male students who have lived a majority of their life without a father figure and with a single mother. The winner of the scholarship must demonstrate financial need, but academic performance, principles, and future potential are also taken into account.

Applications for the Kinsey Determination Scholarship are due by April 1st, 2018. It awards $1,000 to full time students and a completed, current FAFSA must be available.

Joann Heffernan Heisen Scholarship

The Joann Hefferan Heisen Scholarship is open to all Syracuse University undergraduate students who come from a single parent household and are planning on participating in certain study abroad programs. In addition to financial need, your academic performance is also taken into account. The scholarship asks for a 750 word essay on your goals when it comes to academics and future career as well as personal ambitions. You should then tie in how you think a study abroad experience will help you reach these goals.

The scholarship is for $2,500 with 4 awards available. If you are planning to apply for the fall, the application is due in April. For spring semesters, you should apply by November.

These are only a few awards that are available to students who live in single parent households. New scholarships are constantly being created, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on scholarship databases, even in later years. If you’re a child of divorced parents, there are several awards and financial aid options available to you. If you need further assistance with aid, grants, or scholarships, make sure to talk to your high school guidance counselor’s office or your college’s financial aid department.

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