Scholarships Inspired by Science Fiction

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Are you a fan of science fiction? Whether you love to watch Star Trek, write your own sci-fi stories, or just love reading or watching the genre, you’ll definitely want to check out these scholarships inspired by science fiction.

The Heinlein and Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarships

Amount: $1,500

The Heinlein Society offers three scholarships which make up the Heinlein and Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarships. Inspired by late science fiction writer Robert Heinlein, two scholarships are dedicated towards those who are heading towards fields surrounding math, science, engineering, or science fiction literature. The third is the Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship which is only for women who are perusing careers in math, sciences, or engineering.

Previous years, the scholarship awarded $1,250. For 2018, the award goes up to $1,500 each. Although the application isn’t currently available, they will be posted online in March of 2018. The application generally asks for a completed form, an essay on one of the subjects they offer, and an explanation of your goals and background. You must be currently enrolled, full time, and going for your Bachelor’s.

Starfleet International Scholarships

Amount: $1,000

If you love Star Trek, you’ll love this scholarship program. The five currently offered are the James Doonan / Montgomery Scott Engineering and Technology Scholarship, DeForest Kelley / Dr. Leonard McCoy Memorial Medical & Veterinarian Scholarship, Gene Roddenberry / Sir Patrick Stewart Scholarship for Aspiring Writers and Artists, Space Explorers’ Memorial Scholarship, and the Armin Shimerman / George Takei / LeVar Burton Scholarship for Business, Language Studies, and Education.

However, there is a big requirement for these scholarships and applying can take a bit of planning. To be eligible, you have to have been a STARFLEET member for at least a year. The application due date is June 15th each year (opening on January 1st), so you have to have been a member since June 15th of the previous year or prior. Each scholarship has different requirements, but they will generally require the application form, your employment history, three letters of recommendation, transcript, acceptance letter to college if currently in high school, and a two page essay.

The Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

Amount: $2,000

If you’re a fan of the movies, TV shows, graphic novels, comics, or books that surround zombies, you’ll be excited for this scholarship. Awarding $2,000 to a single winner, it’s open to any student who is 13 years or older and will attend college by 2024 or is currently enrolled. It’s important to note that this enrollment date is for 2018 applicants (Those applying in 2019 will have to attend college by 2025, for example).

The due date for the 2018 application is October 31st (fitting!) with winners being announced in January the following year. Your essay should be 250 words or less and talk about your plan to avoid the zombies along side your math teacher, cafeteria ladies, and best friend. How will you escape?

If you have a love for all things science fiction, you’ll definitely want to apply for the three examples above. With a creative side, make sure you continue the search for other out of this world scholarships!

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