4 More Scholarships for African American Students

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Your heritage, ethnicity and race are an integral part of what makes you unique. Organizations and universities around the country recognize this uniqueness by providing financial assistance to help students from different cultures and ethnicities reach their educational goals.

Scholarships for African American students are offered by numerous universities and private organizations that are committed to the advancement of African Americans in higher education.

So now, in the midst of Black History Month, check out some of the many scholarships you may be able to apply to if you are an African American.

Amos & Edith Wallace Scholarship

Amount: $500

The Amos and Edith Wallace Scholarship awards $500 each to three eligible African American students. You must be enrolled in a 4-year college and have a GPA of 2.8 or higher to qualify for this opportunity.

All applications must be accompanied by 2 recommendation letters and a 400 — 600 word essay that highlights what life lessons you are most interested in learning through your college experience or describes the role that education or community service has played in your place.

The award money is sent directly to the winners’ respective colleges after verification of enrollment.

Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship

Amount: $5,000 per year

If you are an African American high school senior interested in a career in technology this is a scholarship opportunity worth exploring further. The Blacks at Microsoft or BAM scholarship program offers two renewable awards of $5,000 each to high school seniors with outstanding academic achievements. Recipients will continue to receive $5,000 every year for up to 4 years provided that they continue to meet the criteria.

A cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher and demonstrated financial need are mandatory requirements. Applications for the BAM Scholarship must be accompanied by your resume, 2 recommendation letters, an official sealed transcript, and two essays. One essay must demonstrate your need for financial assistance and the second essay must emphasize your interest in technology.

Girls Who Illustrate Awesomeness Scholarship

Amount: $750

Do you have a burning passion to change the world? Can you write a compelling 500-word essay or create a 5-minute video highlighting who you are and how you plan on changing the world? If you are an African American woman and you meet both these requirements, in addition to having a 3.0 GPA or higher, you stand a high chance of winning $750 towards your education.

 Janet Jackson / Rhythm Nation Scholarship

Amount: $5,000

The Janet Jackson/Rhythm Nation Scholarship offers up to $5,000 to African American students enrolled in a 4-year program at any one of the 37 participating UNCF member colleges or universities. Only students studying journalism, photojournalism communications, Radio or TV broadcasting, photography or music are eligible to apply for this opportunity.

Applicants must demonstrate academic excellence or they must be actively involved in their school or community.

There are many other scholarships that are available for African American students, but these 5 are a great place to start. You can find some more opportunities here.

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