Myth: Scholarships Are Only For Students with Financial Need

Some students don't look into scholarships and financial aid because they think they don't qualify.

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Some students don’t look into applying for scholarships and financial aid, assuming that since they aren’t considered impoverished, that they won’t be eligible. While there are scholarship opportunities that are dependent on a family’s financial need, there are also scholarship opportunities for anyone.

Merit Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships focus more on accomplishments, activities, demographics, and other qualifiers rather than financial need. There are thousands of merit-based scholarship opportunities out there. They could be for specific sports, a certain major you wish to pursue, for academics, for creative competitions.

There are scholarships that might seem bizarre—like zombie apocalypse preparedness—and scholarships for outstanding accomplishments—like becoming an Eagle Scout. Basically, you most likely qualify for at least one scholarship out there! There are so many scholarships, ranging from general academics to the most niche hobbies, so start searching for them!

College is Expensive

Even for families that could be considered upper-middle-class or higher, there are scholarships and financial aid opportunities available. Every little bit helps. Students from all economic backgrounds should apply for scholarships to help pay for their college funds. Having more financial aid also means taking out fewer student loans. Ideally, you graduate with the least amount of debt possible so you can start your post-graduation life debt-free as soon as possible.

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