What is a Permanent Home Address? What it means for your student.

What Does Students Permanent Home Mean?

Your ‘permanent home address’ is something you’ll need to fill in when completing most types of applications, from college applications to student loan applications. Not surprisingly, many students get stuck at answering this question. Does ‘permanent home’ refer to their current place of residence or does it refer to their parent’s place of residence? Or does it refer to something they have not thought about?

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What is Permanent Mailing Address for Students?

Generally, when an application asks you to fill in your permanent home address, you need to fill in the details of the place at which you normally reside and which you call home.

For students who have spent their childhood in one place, this would be a pretty straightforward answer. Their permanent mailing address is the one in which they spend a major portion of their childhood and where their parents still reside. It is a place where they would return to after completing their graduation.

For students who have spent their childhood moving from one home to another, the answer may not be as straightforward. For them, permanent home address would be the address at which their parents currently reside and where they would return to after graduating, regardless of whether their parents have lived at that address for a couple of years or they just moved to that address. As long as the students’ parents reside at a particular address, that is considered as their permanent address.

Permanent vs Current Address

Right up to high school, you would have most likely lived with your parents. That is considered your permanent home address. When it’s time for college however, things change.

If you decide to enroll in a community college and commute from your parents’ home, you would continue listing that as your permanent home address.

When you enroll in a college far away from home and move into the dorm, that’s where the whole question about permanent address vs current address comes up. In this case, your dorm or apartment that you are renting out while in college is considered your ‘current address’. It’s an address where you currently reside on a temporary basis but will have to move out of at some time, whether that some time is after one, two, three or four years. The fact that you will have to move out of that place at some time makes it your current address.

Your parents’ home where you can return to at any time still remains your permanent home address. This is even if you’ve lived away from this address for the past four or five years. Regardless of how long you’ve lived away from a particular address, the fact that you can return to it at any time makes it your permanent home address.

Make sure to check with a financial planner to see how this might affect your student loans.

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