The Latest College Raptor Scholarship Winners Announced!

Iowa City, Iowa. 12/21/20

Scholarship winners William and Sofia

The Latest College Raptor Scholarship Winners Announced!

A round of applause for William Li and Sofia Zapata—the latest College Raptor scholarship winners! The two had the most impressive essays detailing their college search journey and were awarded the $2,500 and $1,000 awards, respectively.

Learn what they had to say!

$2,500 Scholarship Winner William Li

William Li, of New York, wrote about his struggle with the question “Why do I want to attend these colleges?” Prior to using College Raptor and expanding his school options, William only considered well known universities. He wrote, “Names like M.I.T and Harvard have been drilled into me since I was in elementary school, so when it came time for me to formulate my college list, it was no surprise that these schools took up a lion’s share of the spots. However, I had no idea what these schools were even known for, what their communities were like, or if they even had the majors I wanted to study. All I had was their name.”

Thanks to College Raptor’s match tool, William was able to find schools that matched his passion, narrow down his overwhelming list of 53 potential schools, and eventually finalize a list to submit applications to. “These schools were no longer just names to me now. They were programs that I aligned with my passions, student bodies that I would love to participate in, and so much more.”

$1,000 Scholarship Winner Sofia Zapata

Our $1,000 winner is Sofia Zapata from Colorado. She has dreams of pursuing a career in the STEM field and wanted to find a college that would further her goal.

“I am thankful that I found College Raptor as early on as I did; before, I was
just trying my luck with whatever popped up in my inbox and the first page
of Google,” she wrote in her scholarship Q&A. “My results were disappointing and it was hard to find colleges that matched my interests because I had to go through each college one-by-one.”

Sofia praised College Raptor’s personalized results and said the details helped her make informed and confident decisions.

A Word from Raptor’s CEO

Our mission is to make it easy for families to find great, affordable colleges so students can pursue their dreams. Now, more than ever, the college process has a lot of factors to consider. Therefore, Raptor focuses on providing the best tools to help students succeed. We congratulate William and Sofia, and wish them luck as they begin their college experience,” says William Staib, CEO and co-founder of College Raptor.

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