In a Shifting Education Landscape, College Raptor Modernizes its 2021 Rankings

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In its sixth annual rankings, find out which schools made the top U.S. and regional rankings and which received honors in various categories — such as Best Test-Optional and Best Public Health Colleges.

College Raptor Releases 2021 Rankings

The pandemic has created chaos around the 2020-21 school year. Students are looking for more help in the college search process than ever before.

With that in mind, College Raptor has released its 2021 Best Colleges Rankings. College Raptor uses AI in its mission to help students find great, affordable colleges. 

Princeton University earned the top spot as the best college in the U.S. Other #1s include Stanford as the best college in the Far West, Harvard University as the best large college, Pomona College as the best liberal arts college, and the United States Naval Academy as the best public college.

In addition to the overall Best Colleges, College Raptor® added new rankings inspired by current events and the shifting educational landscape. With more colleges and universities dropping requirements for standardized test scores, Raptor® is now highlighting the Best Test-Optional Colleges. Additionally, inspired by recent equality movements, Raptor® is showcasing the Best HBCUs. The Best Rural Colleges rankings feature exceptional schools in less populated areas because many students are opting for colleges away from large cities. And given the importance of public health measures, Raptor also created the Best Colleges for Public Health Majors.

“The media is full of stories about the pandemic and colleges shifting toward online learning. Though we don’t know when the crisis will end, it’s clear students want normalcy and a return to campus-based education,” said Bill Staib, College Raptor’s CEO. “Raptor’s annual rankings serve as a great starting point for the college search process. Then, our tools offer families a unique way to find quality, affordable schools that will serve them well.”

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