Hidden Gem Colleges Highlighted in Higher Education Experts’ 2021 Rankings


College discovery site College Raptor identifies “Hidden Gems” in its 6th annual rankings to spotlight schools that deserve more recognition. This year the rankings focus on changes in higher ed due to the pandemic.

2021 Rankings: Hidden Gems

College Raptor announced its 2021 Hidden Gem Rankings, which highlights hundreds of fantastic but lesser-known colleges as part of their mission to help students and parents find their best college match. Raptor® helps millions of families each year discover colleges that fit students’ academic, cultural, and financial needs. 

For the 2021 rankings, notable schools include the University of the South and the University of Mary, both of which are featured on four different lists. Haverford College came out as the top Hidden Gem school in Pennsylvania. A newcomer to the #1 spot for its state is the College of Idaho.

During a pandemic that has greatly impacted higher education, College Raptor added brand new ranking lists inspired by changing trends and student needs. Hidden Rural Gems, for example, aims to highlight colleges that are located in rural settings for students who desire a bit more space around campus. In recent months, colleges and students have adapted to non-traditional education — in the same vein, this year’s Hidden Gems includes a showcase of great schools with alternate tuition plans.

“The media is full of stories about how students and schools are adapting to the pandemic. The spirit of the Hidden Gems rankings is all about considering schools from a new perspective. This year, that mindset is more important than ever,” said Bill Staib, College Raptor’s CEO. “Each student is unique and so is every school featured in the Hidden Gems 2021 rankings. These lists serve as a starting point for students to use CollegeRaptor.com and discover colleges they might not otherwise have thought about.”

View the complete College Raptor 2021 Rankings for Hidden Gems at https://www.collegeraptor.com/hidden-gems-2021/

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