Do Colleges Only Accept A Certain Number Of Students Per High School?

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If you know that a large number of students from your high school are all applying to the same college that you are applying to, will it affect your chances of getting admission? Do colleges have a limit on the number of students they accept per high school?

Admission is on an Individual Basis

Most colleges do not take this factor into consideration. They assess every student on the merit of their application, regardless of how many of their classmates have also applied to their school. Moreover, every application is assessed by a different member of the admissions committee, so there is no way of knowing how many applicants are from the same high school. It is only after all the applications have been evaluated that school groups are compared, and that too, only for statistical purpose.

Colleges assess every application individually, assessing the applicant’s academic grades, test scores, extracurricular activities, community involvement and letter of recommendation. Although different colleges use different systems to evaluate student applications, within any one college, all applications are judged using the same yardstick, regardless of which high school the applicants are applying from.

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