What Do Colleges Look For On Social Media?

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Your carefully-put-together application and personal essay tells college authorities a lot about yourself. But, it’s only what you want them to hear. It does not tell the reader much about that other side of you. It’s the side that reserved for your friends and family. That’s what the college wants to know. Are you really who your application says you are, or is there another side to you they should know about?

But that’s not all. They aren’t just looking for attributes that may disqualify your application. Some application may pique the reader’s curiosity enough for them to want to get to know more. The best way to do this is by checking the applicant’s social media site.

It could be that they want to know more about your capabilities and your interests within and outside of the academic field. What are the things you really care about? How do you spend your time? Do you have a special interest that you spend most of your time pursuing or are you still exploring different areas of interest? Do you have the leadership qualities that they are looking in their students? What about your commitment to the community?

Knowing that admissions authorities are very likely to check your social media sites, you should use this platform to boost your application by drawing attention to those talents and interests that are relevant to the program that you have applied to.

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