One Of The Most Important Questions: Why Attend This College?

The most important question is "why do you want to attend this school?"

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While filling out college application you are sure to come across this question several times, “Why do you want to attend this school?” You might see it in your app, in an essay prompt, asked about it in an interview. While it may seem like a simple enough question, the answer question tells the reader a lot about you. While writing out this answer, you may discover some truths about yourself too.

It Shows Whether You Will Fit In

When the college asks this question of you, one of the main intentions is to find out if you are actually a good fit for the college, and whether you fit in with the ethos, the student community, and the kind of thinking the university wishes to promote.

Another major outcome of this exercise is that it shows that you have really done your research on the programs you are planning to join.

This helps the college identify students who they feel would not fit in. It also helps weed out candidates who do not resonate with the admissions board or are not serious about the whole process.

You Will Know If The College Is A Good Fit For You

Trying to find out why you should attend a specific college? The research you do goes a long way in helping you understand whether or not a college is right for you.

Once you speak to alumni or use other methods of research, you may realize that the curriculum may help prepare you for your future goals. Maybe the city where the college is located has several businesses which offer internships to college students. What if the college is located in a very small town that you will have trouble adjusting in? Based on all these answers, you can easily determine whether the college can help you achieve your goals or not.

If you don’t know why you want to attend this particular school, why is it even on your list? There needs to be a compelling reason (and one stronger than simply: it’s a brand name school, or my parents want me to go here).

It Helps You Feel More Confident

When you are already excited about getting into a college, researching about it further gives you immense clarity. It also gives you an understanding, as well as some reassurance as to why your decision was good. Researching helps you get off on a strong footing, with a great sense of which direction you want to head in.

It Prepares You For Life

For most students, deciding which college to attend is the first major decision that they take by themselves. This is one decision that may impact how the rest of their personal and professional lives turn out. When your first big decision is based on in-depth research, solid facts and well-thought-out arguments, rest assured. You invested your time well.

The whole process involved in answering “why do you want to attend this school,” from short-listing, researching, analyzing, and eventually writing your essay, helps you develop valuable life-skills that can help you get through those periods of self-doubt.

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