Can I Earn College Credit From My Internship?

Are you wondering if you can earn college credit in your internship?

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Yes, you can earn college credit from your internship, but there are several conditions, rules, and exceptions that come into play. Knowing how to go about it is key to making sure that you do not lose out on this benefit. Here are a few things you must first find out about if you are looking to earn college credit from your internship.

Find Out if Your Internship Offers Credits

Not all internships will actually provide credits for your work. Some will say whether they do or not right on the application, others might be able to be persuaded to give credit if you ask them about it. So don’t just assume that every single internship offers college credit.

Find Out If Your College Accepts Internship Credit

Not all colleges do. Before applying for an internship you must check with the department chair or your academic advisor to find out if your college accepts internship credit and what are the formalities involved.

Find Out If All Types Of Internships Are Accepted

Most colleges require that an internship with credit must combine work experience with the relevant coursework. They might not accept internships that are clerical or mechanical, so make sure you understand all of the restrictions that apply.

Find Out How Many Hours You Must Work At the Internship

Different colleges have different requirements. Before participating in any internship, it is important to find out how many hours you need to work at your internship over the course of the semester. Also find out how many credits you will receive for those many hours.

Find Out How Many Internship Credits Your College Will Accept

Some colleges impose a limit on the number of internships they accept. This is to ensure that students leave some room for their mandatory academic courses. It would be a shame to put in additional hours only to learn later that your college will accept those extra hours.

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