Top Schools for Biology/Biological Sciences Majors

Are you planning to major in Biology or Biological Science during college? You might just want to attend one of the colleges or universities that are renowned for their Biology programs! Here’s what you need to know about this area of study, what you can expect in your classes, what you can do with your degree, and the top schools for biology according to our 2023 college rankings.

What Do You Learn as a Biology/Biological Sciences Major?

Undergraduate biology programs cover a wide range of subjects that fall under the biology umbrella. This can include ecology, genetics, anatomy, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell structure, ecology, nutrition, and more. Depending on the program and your concentration, you may also be able to take classes in ornithology, cancer biology, zoology, plant biology, and marine biology.

What Can You Do with a Degree in Biology?

What you can do with an undergraduate Biology degree really depends on your specialization or concentration. However, there are a wide variety of careers available, including:

  • Ecologist
  • Forensic scientist
  • Teacher
  • Pharmacologist
  • Biologist
  • Nature conservation officer
  • Biotechnology
  • Government agency work
  • Engineer
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Pharmaceutical sales
  • Agricultural and Food Scientist
  • Biochemist
  • Animal Breeder
  • Aquaculture Specialist

You can also use your Biology degree to pursue further education in medicine, veterinarian sciences, and more.

Top Schools for Biology/Biological Sciences

Here are just some of the top schools that offer amazing Biology/Biological Sciences programs!

1. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill offers a B.A., a B.S., and a B.S. – Quantitative Biology Track to students interested in Biology. Those who participate in the program will understand major concepts of biology, research methods, critical thinking, and how to apply their knowledge in the field.

In addition to core courses covering everything from biodiversity to the principles of biology, students also have the option to study animal behavior, microbiology, evolutionary mechanisms, avian biology, plant diversity, and more.

It’s also important to note that Biology/Biological Sciences is the most popular major among students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill! The university ranks #11 in public schools in the United States and #2 in the state.

2. Duke University

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Those interested in studying biology may want to also consider Duke University. With access to amazing laboratories, students can also work with top researchers in the field and opt to travel as part of their major. Individuals can aim for a B.A. or a B.S. in biology, and there is also an interdepartmental major program available.

Students have the option of also declaring a concentration in biology at Duke. These include Animal Behavior, Genetics, Evolutionary Biology, Pharmacology, Neurobiology, and more. Duke University, #10 in our 2023 Overall Rankings, boasts a 6 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio, an 89% four year graduation rate, and a 98% first year retention rate.

3. Cornell University

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The second most popular major at Cornell University, Biological Sciences can choose to enroll in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences or the College of Arts and Sciences. The program can vary quite a bit from student to student as there are 14 biology concentrations available to choose from.

Some of the concentrations available include Animal Physiology, Biochemistry, General Biology, Computational Biology, Human Nutrition, and Microbiology.

Cornell University also has a 9 to 1 student to faculty ratio, a 97% first year retention rate, and an 88% four year graduation rate – the best in New York State. In our Overall Rankings for 2023, it is currently at #19.

4. University of Rochester

Biology/Biological Sciences is the most popular major at the University of Rochester, and the school has a number of different tracks (or concentrations) available to students. They include microbiology, ecology and evolutionary biology, biochemistry, and more. The university also offers either a B.A. or B.S. in this area of study.

The biology majors require introductory courses, advanced classes, labs, electives, ancillary courses, and two classes in upper-level writing.

The #86 school in the United States, the University of Rochester accepts about 41% of students. 91% decide to stay at the university after their first year.

5. And More

 Other top schools for students interested in Biology include

Biology/Biological Sciences majors have plenty of options when it comes to concentrations and careers after graduation. This is just four of the top schools in the United States for this area of study, too!

If you want to learn more about Biology, the top schools, or other majors, make sure to use our free College Majors tool. You can discover requirements, career details, and more for each available major at a variety of different colleges and universities.