Majors and Industries with the Highest Starting Salaries

Engineering students tend to have the highest starting salaries.

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Before talking about which degrees promise the highest starting salaries, it is critical to keep in mind that money should not be your only goal for getting a college education. Yes, money is important but so are satisfaction and fulfillment. In an ideal scenario, you should be looking for a job that gives you all three of the above.


Engineering as a whole tops the list of highest starting salaries. Within engineering, computer science engineers were the highest paid of all careers. Chemical, electrical, mechanical and industrial engineers took the next 4 spots on the list of highest starting salaries. The top three most reputed colleges to study engineering are Stanford, MIT, and the University of California—Berkeley.


A degree in statistics is the next highest after engineering. Popular entry-level jobs in this field include data scientists, data analysts, and statisticians.


Next on the list of the highest starting salaries is nursing. Within nursing, registered nurses and cases managers are the highest in demand.

Management Information Systems

A degree in management information systems is next on the list that promises an excellent starting salary. Popular entry-level jobs in this field include business analysts and network administrators.

Other High Paying Fields

A degree in finance, mathematics, biomedical engineering, accounting and economics are the others that offer significantly high salaries for entry-level positions.

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