6 In-Demand Career Options For Students With a Sociology Degree

Students With a Sociology Degree

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Sociology is diverse and covers topics that range from social causes and consequences, to the complex relationships between the group and the individual. Students of sociology graduate with a comprehensive understanding of sociological issues and how to develop potential solutions and improvements for the betterment of society. A degree in sociology qualifies you to pursue numerous, diverse career roles, where you can choose the demographic you want to work with.

Youth Development

Working with youth in a community can be one of the most satisfying career options for a sociology major. Those who choose this particular path are committed to youth development with a special focus on education, rehabilitation, healthcare, and social care. Some of the more common youth-focused roles include youth workers, sports development officers, child care, and social workers.

Community Welfare

Sociology graduates who choose this path focus on community welfare among the most vulnerable members of the community—the very old, the very young, and the impoverished. This role requires strong interpersonal skills, empathy, and a thorough understanding of how society is impacted by prevailing laws and regulations. Common roles in community work include equality and diversity workers, social workers, and community officers.

Public Services

Working in public services is similar to working in community development, but with a few significant differences. Sociology graduates who work in public services may work in probation and prison services, criminal justice, rehabilitation and housing services, social welfare, or public health services. The exact skills required to work in public services depend on the specific role but in general, workers in this field must have strong analytical and critical thinking skills and a thorough understanding of the legalities related to their sector.


Who better to handle marketing than a sociology major, who has studied society and their buying behavior and knows how to use this understanding for marketing purposes. Candidates with a background in sociology are in great demand by companies that are looking for experts to help them identify the needs of different demographics so they can focus their marketing campaigns accordingly. Market research analysts specialize in conducting surveys, interviews and other means to gather data, test products and services, and assess the efficacy of marketing campaigns. This is a high paying position.

Media Planning

Working in media planning requires a similar skill set as someone working in marketing. Media planners are hired to evaluate the advertising needs of clients and devise a focused media plan to optimize sales to different demographic groups. Sociology graduates are a good fit for this role because of their ability to research, analyze, and interpret the viewing preferences of their target audience.

Management Consultants

Management consultants are hired by organizations to examine and evaluate business issues and explore potential solutions or improvements on behalf of their clients. In addition to the qualitative and quantitative research skills necessary to work as management consultants, sociology students also have strong problem-solving and presentation skills, which make them the perfect fit for this role.

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