Campus Housing - Dorms and Meal Plans

Provides on campus housing

Residence hall capacity

Does college offer a meal plan?
Yes, number of meals in the maximum meal plan offered

Must all students live on campus?

Number of meals per week are provided with the meal plan
Residence halls on campus:
Adams Hall, Biddle Hall, Boyd Hall, Brn Hall, Bromley Hall, Bush Hall, Carr Hall, Convocation Center, Crawford Hall, Dougan House, Ewing House, Gamertsfelder Hall, Hoover House, James Hall, Jefferson Hall, Johnson Hall, Lincoln Hall, Luchs Hall, Mackinnon Hall, Perkins Hall, Pickering Hall, Read Hall, Ryors Hall, Sargent Hall, Scott Quad, Shively Hall, Skyview Apartments ( S Court, Sowle Hall, Tanaka Hall, Tiffin Hall, Treudley Hall, True House, Voigt Hall, Washington Hall, Weld House, Wilson Hall, Wray House

Sports Programs & Athletics

Athletic conferences
    Football - Mid-American Conference
    Basketball - Mid-American Conference
    Baseball - Mid-American Conference
    Cross Country/Track - Mid-American Conference

Number of Varsity Athletes by Sport in 2022

Sport # of Men # of Women
All Track Combined 64
Baseball 35
Basketball 13 15
Beach Volleyball
Field Hockey 22
Football 120
Golf 10 9
Ice Hockey
Soccer 28
Softball 18
Swimming and Diving 26
Synchronized Swimming
Table Tennis
Team Handball
Track and Field, Indoor
Track and Field, Outdoor
Track and Field, X-Country 18
Volleyball 22
Water Polo
Weight Lifting
Wrestling 36
Other Sports
Data from 2019
Athletic Association
Member of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Athletic Classification
NCAA Division I-FBS



Athletic Summary
Total # athletes


Male Athletes 232
Female Athletes 183


Total sports revenue

Total sports expenses

Avg. head coach salary - Women
(# full-time equivalents)
$109,971 (7.8)

Avg. head coach salary - Men
(# FTE)
$291,975 (5.2)

Campus Services and Programs

Academic/career counseling service
Employment services for students
Placement services for completers
Remedial services
Library facilities
Access to digital/electronic resources
Access to library collections that are shared with other institutions
Established library hours
Organized collection of printed materials
Physical facilities
Staff trained to provide and interpret library materials
Services and Programs for Servicemembers and Veterans
Credit for military training
Dedicated point of contact for support services for veterans, military servicemembers, and their families
Member of Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges
Recognized student veteran organization
Hospital on campus?


% of students with registered disabilities

Nearby Restaurants

Food from Jackie O's Public House

Jackie O's Public House

Miles From Campus: 0.09
Food from Bagel Street Deli

Bagel Street Deli

Miles From Campus: 0.1
Food from Jackie O's Brewpub

Jackie O's Brewpub

Miles From Campus: 0.1
Food from Fusion Noodle Company

Fusion Noodle Company

Miles From Campus: 0.11
Food from El Tenampa

El Tenampa

Miles From Campus: 0.12
Food from Union Street Diner

Union Street Diner

Miles From Campus: 0.18
Food from Restaurant Salaam

Restaurant Salaam

Miles From Campus: 0.18
Food from Fry’d


Miles From Campus: 0.18
Food from Fluff


Miles From Campus: 0.19
Food from Wings Over Athens

Wings Over Athens

Miles From Campus: 0.21
Food from HangOverEasy


Miles From Campus: 0.21
Food from O'Betty's Red Hot

O'Betty's Red Hot

Miles From Campus: 0.27
Food from Casa Nueva

Casa Nueva

Miles From Campus: 0.28
Food from Zoe


Miles From Campus: 0.29
Food from Ciró


Miles From Campus: 0.3
Food from Stephen's


Miles From Campus: 0.31
Food from Tavolino


Miles From Campus: 0.65
Food from Miller's Chicken

Miller's Chicken

Miles From Campus: 0.7
Food from D.P. Dough

D.P. Dough

Miles From Campus: 0.81
Food from Purple Chopstix

Purple Chopstix

Miles From Campus: 0.82
Food from Athens Bread Company

Athens Bread Company

Miles From Campus: 0.92
Food from Avalanche Pizza

Avalanche Pizza

Miles From Campus: 1.04
Food from Catalyst Cafe

Catalyst Cafe

Miles From Campus: 1.29
Food from Avalanche Slice House

Avalanche Slice House

Miles From Campus: 1.3
Food from Dynasty Restaurant

Dynasty Restaurant

Miles From Campus: 1.34
Food from Sol Restaurant

Sol Restaurant

Miles From Campus: 1.55
Food from Devil's Kettle Brewing

Devil's Kettle Brewing

Miles From Campus: 1.58
Food from Little Fish Brewing Company

Little Fish Brewing Company

Miles From Campus: 1.59
Food from Ali Baba's

Ali Baba's

Miles From Campus: 1.67
Food from QDOBA Mexican Eats

QDOBA Mexican Eats

Miles From Campus: 1.73
Food from Shade on State Street

Shade on State Street

Miles From Campus: 2.34
Food from Dr. May’s Thai Kitchen

Dr. May’s Thai Kitchen

Miles From Campus: 2.47
Food from El Camino Mexican Cuisine

El Camino Mexican Cuisine

Miles From Campus: 2.62
Food from Gigi's Country Kitchen

Gigi's Country Kitchen

Miles From Campus: 3.9
Food from Ray's Harvest House

Ray's Harvest House

Miles From Campus: 8.6
Food from General Wok

General Wok

Miles From Campus: 10.93
Food from Starbrick Bbq

Starbrick Bbq

Miles From Campus: 11.45
Food from The Mine Tavern

The Mine Tavern

Miles From Campus: 11.56
Food from Rhapsody Restaurant

Rhapsody Restaurant

Miles From Campus: 11.56
Food from FullBrooks Cafe

FullBrooks Cafe

Miles From Campus: 11.56
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Nearby Social Spots

Social Spots from Whit's Frozen Custard

Whit's Frozen Custard

Miles From Campus: 0.06
Social Spots from Court Street Coffee

Court Street Coffee

Miles From Campus: 0.08
Social Spots from Starbucks


Miles From Campus: 0.08
Social Spots from Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

Miles From Campus: 0.09
Social Spots from Donkey Coffee & Espresso

Donkey Coffee & Espresso

Miles From Campus: 0.17
Social Spots from Cat's Eye Saloon

Cat's Eye Saloon

Miles From Campus: 0.2
Social Spots from Red Brick Tavern

Red Brick Tavern

Miles From Campus: 0.2
Social Spots from Lucky's Sports Tavern

Lucky's Sports Tavern

Miles From Campus: 0.2
Social Spots from C I


Miles From Campus: 0.23
Social Spots from The Crystal

The Crystal

Miles From Campus: 0.23
Social Spots from Pigskin Sports Bar & Grill

Pigskin Sports Bar & Grill

Miles From Campus: 0.24
Social Spots from The Pub

The Pub

Miles From Campus: 0.25
Social Spots from Pawpurr's Bar

Pawpurr's Bar

Miles From Campus: 0.25
Social Spots from The Athens Pyramids

The Athens Pyramids

Miles From Campus: 0.25
Social Spots from Tony's Tavern

Tony's Tavern

Miles From Campus: 0.26
Social Spots from The J Bar

The J Bar

Miles From Campus: 0.26
Social Spots from Casa Cantina

Casa Cantina

Miles From Campus: 0.28
Social Spots from Passion Works Studio

Passion Works Studio

Miles From Campus: 0.28
Social Spots from Smiling Skull Saloon

Smiling Skull Saloon

Miles From Campus: 0.29
Social Spots from Athens Uncorked

Athens Uncorked

Miles From Campus: 0.3
Social Spots from The Over Hang

The Over Hang

Miles From Campus: 0.3
Social Spots from North End Kitchen & Bar

North End Kitchen & Bar

Miles From Campus: 0.33
Social Spots from Broney's Alumni Grill

Broney's Alumni Grill

Miles From Campus: 0.37
Social Spots from Ohio University Golf Course

Ohio University Golf Course

Miles From Campus: 0.45
Social Spots from Bella Vino

Bella Vino

Miles From Campus: 0.49
Social Spots from West End Ciderhouse

West End Ciderhouse

Miles From Campus: 0.62
Social Spots from Speedway


Miles From Campus: 0.96
Social Spots from The Dairy Barn Arts Center

The Dairy Barn Arts Center

Miles From Campus: 1.14
Social Spots from Applebee's Grill + Bar

Applebee's Grill + Bar

Miles From Campus: 1.36
Social Spots from Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons

Miles From Campus: 1.77
Social Spots from Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness

Miles From Campus: 2.18
Social Spots from Athena Grand Movie Theater

Athena Grand Movie Theater

Miles From Campus: 2.57
Social Spots from Eclipse Company Store

Eclipse Company Store

Miles From Campus: 2.72
Social Spots from Strouds Run State Park

Strouds Run State Park

Miles From Campus: 3.82
Social Spots from Wayne National Forest

Wayne National Forest

Miles From Campus: 6.3
Social Spots from Movies 10

Movies 10

Miles From Campus: 7.5
Social Spots from Shade Winery

Shade Winery

Miles From Campus: 9.1
Social Spots from Stuart's Opera House

Stuart's Opera House

Miles From Campus: 11.59
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