After four years at Navy, 88% graduate and 90% graduate after six. A majority of freshman stay at the academy after completing their first year, resulting in a 97%% first year retention rate. A majority of students are from New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Florida, Texas, and California.

Navy’s faculty is made up of 600 officers and civilians, with a majority of officers being in a two to three year rotation to keep the classes, curriculum, and experiences fresh. The school also has Permanent Military Professors with doctorates who stay long term. There is a 8 to 1 student to faculty ratio. Navy also offers students the ability to study abroad.

Academic Profile for 2022

Four Year Graduation Rate

Six Year Graduation Rate

Eight Year Graduation Rate

Student to Faculty Ratio
8 to 1

First Year Retention Rate

Distribution of Students per State

for the first-year class of
students in 2020

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1 To 5
6 To 15
16 To 25
26 To 50
51 and Above

Student Race, Ethnicity, and Age Information

Total Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity for the 2020 school year

Students Total

Total Enrollment by Age for the 2020 school year

Students Total

Other Learning Opportunities
Distance learning
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Special learning
Study abroad



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01/01/1947 - Current
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