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Veselina Dzhingarova is a passionate blogger who likes writing articles that cover career, education and many other topics. She has written numerous articles and contributed to several other blogs like, and is a co-founder of several other blogs like Dzhingarov and TravelTipsor. When she is not writing, she enjoys travelling and dancing.

Myths and Truths About the ACT and SAT

Here are a few ACT and SAT myths. myths
The ACT and SAT are very important parts of the college admissions process. However, that also means there are some ACT and SAT myths being spread. The time and preparation you spend on preparing for standardized tests will affect your future. Schools take ACT and SAT test results very seriously. Colleges receive enormous numbers of …

Building Great Credit In College

Here's how to build credit in college. financial advice & planning
Most college students don’t worry a great deal about building credit. In fact, the subject might not ever come up in 4 years at a typical university. The college experience is associated with being broke, living off of Ramen, and trying to study for a great career. Even if you’re not the picture of wealth …