Top Engineering Mechanics Bachelors degree Programs - 2023

A program with a general focus on the application of the mathematical and scientific principles of classical mechanics to the analysis and evaluation of the behavior of structures, forces and materials in engineering problems. Includes instruction in statics, kinetics, dynamics, kinematics, celestial mechanics, stress and failure, and electromagnetism.

Those who are passionate about Engineering Mechanics can study up to a Masters degree. Currently, 271 students are granted some level of degree in Engineering Mechanics around the US each year. More students earn a degree in Engineering Mechanics in Wisconsin compared to any other state. The average annual income for an undergraduate degree in Engineering Mechanics is $68,000.

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Top Colleges for Engineering Mechanics

Considering majoring in Engineering Mechanics? You should check out the University of Wisconsin-Madison or Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University! These institutions are some of the best campuses to study Engineering Mechanics. Currently, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has 45 graduates earning a Bachelors degree in Engineering Mechanics, while Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University has 34 students receiving a Bachelors degree in Engineering Mechanics. Learn more about college options in the table below.

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Careers for Engineering Mechanics Majors

The highest paying career for Engineering Mechanics majors is Architectural and Engineering Managers. However, something else to think about is how many job openings there currently is. A career that is in high need that a degree in Engineering Mechanics can prepare you for is Architectural and Engineering Managers.

Top Paying Careers for Engineering Mechanics

  1. Architectural and Engineering Managers   (Median Wage: $152,350)
  2. Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary   (Median Wage: $104,940)
  3. Engineers, All Other   (Median Wage: $100,640)
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